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This page is not part of the general Waze documentation. It is for the internal management and maintenance of the Waze Wiki.


  • Check the Wiki update forum for any questions or issues that should be addressed on the Wiki
    • If necessary, update the Wiki to record the issue or answer the questions
    • If appropriate, post a reply in the forum with a link to the relevant wiki page
  • Review the Wiki forum on missing terms and consider creating Redirects to them.
  • Check the NeedInfo template report to see where an editor believes more information is required.



Update outdated links

Forum posts that still need addressing

Pending an editor to start

Editor currently working on a topic

User manual

  • There is no information on the general settings for 3.5/3.6. Only bits and pieces appear under the user manual in Waze Help Center.
  • The Map Editor Interface and Controls page will need updating for the new quick links at the bottom of that page.
  • Disambiguate word variations between the Waze app and WME, like has been done for Zoom and Level.
  • The Creating and Editing a roundabout page has two sections that need expanding (or removal) at the end.