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* The easiest way to improve Waze is just drive around with Waze turned on. Every time you travel, even if you are not using Waze to guide you, turn it on. You don't have to do anything. Waze will use the information from your journey to calculate average road speeds at the time you are driving, check for errors and improve road layout, and learn the direction of roads and which turns are allowed. However to avoid errors, these automatic updates [[Timeline of updating process#Automatic road updates by Waze|need many, many accurately recorded routes]] before making an automatic change.
#REDIRECT [[Your Rank and Points#Forum badges]]
* When you later use Waze for directions, you'll benefit from better routes using the information you helped collect
* You don't need to make special trips with Waze. In fact Waze works best on your regular trips and commuting
* With Waze on, you'll get free road reports on local traffic conditions automatically
* If you travel to areas that are unmapped in Waze, you might try recording a new road. Just one button starts you on a map-making trip.

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