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Wazeopedia interwiki direct import is a tool to ease the use of resources from other Wazeopedia wikis, from the legacy wiki and from some external wiki (like mediawiki wiki).

How to use direct import?

Wiki direct import

The import tool can be found in Special:Import page. under the second box titled IMPORT FROM ANOTHER WIKI. It contains 7 different fields and options:

  1. Source wiki - the wiki we would like to import the page from.
  2. Source page - the page we would like to import, including name space (i.e "Template:Some template")
  3. Copy all history revisions for this page - a check box that controls whether all the revision history will be imported too or just the last version.
  4. Include all templates - this checkbox allows us to import recursively all the templates embedded in the page we would like to import (default should be positive).
  5. Destination namespace - by default all pages are imported to their current namespaces. If we would like to import the page to a different namespace than the original we can now set the right destination.
  6. Comment - Add a comment, this will be shown in the edit history for the page on the import entry, and in the import log file (found in Special:Log)
  7. Destination root page (optional) - whether to add the page as a sube page under an existing page.

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