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There are many aspects of editing related to an editors rank and permissions that will control what can be changed on the map and how editors after them will be affected. Be sure to understand this information to be best prepared when editing the map.
==Rank clarification==
There are many '''ranking systems''' in Waze. Each one is used for a different purpose. See [[Your Rank and Points|this other page]] for more detailed information on the other ranking systems. The below information is only covering Editing Rank.
==Rank comparisons==
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| text = This is global content, for USA specific rules see [[Editing rank USA|here]].
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Many editors will include an image of their editing rank in their signature line. A number of [[Forum Signature Banners|editing rank images]] have been saved in the Wiki for your easy link access.
==Editing permissions==
A detailed description of locked segments and how they are controlled can be found at the [[Editing_restrictions#Unlocking_an_object_above_your_rank|Editing restrictions]] page.
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