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{{Mbox|type=construction|text=This script is still in beta, most of the bugs have been worked out but some may still remain.  If there are any issues please post them in [https://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=819&t=126240 this forum] or send a PM to [https://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&subject=ScriptKit%20Wiki&username=SuperMedic SuperMedic].}}
#REDIRECT [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Search_box]]
Due to popular demand, I have created an extension for Google Chrome that places a large number of scripts on a single tab and allows them to be minimized so you only have to display the scripts that you are using at the moment.
I have also added a few minor scripts as simple checkbox off/on, which can be accessed from the settings icon.
ScriptKit can be downloaded from the Google Chrome store [https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wme-scriptkit/elmjekphehgponnhnjgofbcinamliadc here].
Firefox version is in the works.
===Before You Begin===
Many of these scripts have been released in various forms to various groups as stand alone script before being migrated to ScriptKit. Since the core functionality of integrated scripts has not been changed running both version will cause issues and can crash WME.
If you have any of the following scripts installed please disable them in Tamper Monkey:
* ScriptKit (Script version not extension)
* AutoUR (Any version or customization)
* VenueLock
* VASlackUnlock
* LiveUserOverlay
=== Settings ===
==== Included Scripts ====
===== LiveUser Overlay =====
This script places a new layer in the layer chooser in the top right corner of the screen.  This new layer allows you to see the approximate viewing area of live users who's current viewing area overlaps yours. '''This only shows users who are currently visible'''
===== WME Toolbox LiveMap Fix =====
This script modifies the WME Toolbox Live Map overlay to show the current area you are viewing in WME and approximate the correct zoom level.
=== Link Bar ===
This bar shows icons for all of the scripts that you have installed that are optimized for use with ScriptKit.  Clicking on the icon will minimize/Maximize the script in the script panel.
Any other scripts that have been optimized for use will appear here as well.
=== Script List ===
=== Included Scripts ===
The following are other scripts I have written and have included.
==== AutoUR ====
AutoUR allows editors to create custom messages to respond to URs.
[[Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools/ScriptKit/AutoUR|AutoUR]]
==== VenueLock ====
VenueLock provides a way to quickly move through and lock place points and areas.
[[Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools/ScriptKit/VenueLock|VenueLock]]
==== SlackUnlock ====
SlackUnlock provides a way to quickly send unlock requests to a slack channel allowing them to be kept in a single channel and not interfere with message flow of other channels.
[[Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools/ScriptKit/SlackUnlock|SlackUnlock]]
=== Other Functionality ===
I have also included script that makes the UR/Place Update window draggable.
==== Integration ====
ScriptKit provides an interface that allows a scripts to hook into ScriptKit and have their content displayed and controlled through the ScriptKit tab.  If you would like to integrate your script into ScriptKit, please PM me with the link below.
===Current Issues===
[[Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools/ScriptKit/SKIssues|ScriptKit Issues]]

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