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{{Expand|content or link to transclude|description for header|nt=yes|section=#1-4|editlink=no|summary=A short text summary|expand=yes|style=CSS style codes}}

This template takes two unnamed parameters in order, and some additional named parameters to alter the output.

It creates a collapsible section on a page, with a heading and optional summary text text. The heading may be formatted as a section header (level 1-5) which will appear in the TOC.

At the top of the collapsed section, if the content is being transcluded from another source, a link to edit the source directly is displayed by default.

|either a nugget/subpage link, or raw content= *required if left blank will produce an error.

|description text to be used in header line= if left blank it will use the {{SUBPAGENAME}} of the first parameter.

|summary=short descriptive summary This optional parameter allows you to define a very short summary text to be displayed in the header of the collapsible section. This will override the description parameter. If this is not used the default header will be used: Click expand for details on ...<description, or {{SUBPAGENAME}}>

|nt=yes content is raw (do not enclose in curly braces for transclusion).

|section=# any number 1-4, if anything else is entered it defaults to 5. This replaces the header test with just the description from the 2nd parameter (or the {{SUBPAGENAME}} of the 1st parameter, and formats it as a section header. The number entered is the header level used.

|newscript=yes Designed to detect input from the {{NewScript}} template, and is not meant to be used manually. If the defined subpage exists already it produces a direct link to the nugget above the transclusion. For script authors convenience

|editlink=no If this parameter is defined the link to edit the nugget is not displayed.

|expand=yes If defined, the section will be expanded by default when the page is loaded.

|style= If defined, the style codes specified here will be used on the collapsible section (such as border, background, etc).






{{ Expand}}



{{Expand|/(LINK)|(HEADER)|section=2|newscript=yes|summary=This is a subsection dedicated to HEADER}}

{{Expand|/(LINK)|(HEADER)|section=2|newscript=yes|edit=/(LINK)|summary=This is a subsection dedicated to HEADER|expand=yes}}

{{Expand|(LINK)|style=border: solid 1px;}}


Click Expand for details on (LINK)

Click Expand for details on (LINK)

Click Expand for details on (HEADER)

Click Expand for details on (HEADER)


Click Expand for details on

{{ ERROR: No content was specified }}

(HEADER) link to this section

This is a subsection dedicated to HEADER

(HEADER) link to this section

This is a subsection dedicated to HEADER

Click Expand for details on (LINK)

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