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Information related to Landmarks changeover to Places:
{{key press/core|{{{1|}}}}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{2|}}}|{{{chain first|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{2}}}}}}}<!--
| type = critical
-->{{#if:{{{3|}}}|{{{chain second|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{3}}}}}}}<!--
| textstyle = color: red;
-->{{#if:{{{4|}}}|{{{chain third|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{4}}}}}}}<!--
| text = This page is currently undergoing modifications. The information and guidance here is currently to be used for reference. The new [[Places]] article should primarily be utilized when mapping landmarks, not this page.
-->{{#if:{{{5|}}}|{{{chain fourth|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{5}}}}}}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{6|}}}|{{{chain fifth|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{6}}}}}}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{7|}}}|{{{chain sixth|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{7}}}}}}}<!--
Waze landmarks serve to orient drivers and to establish app-searchable points-of-interest (POI) for situations where the primary POI search engines may not find the desired location. Despite these helpful attributes, landmarks are easily overused. Unnecessary landmarks clutter maps and stymie drivers with redundant, incomplete, and sometimes contradictory POI results. Waze offers a plethora of landmark types as a byproduct of the original base-map import, but most of these hinder rather than help Waze users and are best avoided.
-->{{#if:{{{8|}}}|{{{chain seventh|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{8}}}}}}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{9|}}}|{{{chain eighth|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{9}}}}}}}<!--
In general, '''if a location is not distinctive and significant enough to orient drivers, and is already searchable using the primary POI search engines, it should not be landmarked in Waze.''' Three common exceptions are gas stations, which receive special handling; government or transit-oriented destinations for the general public, such as parks and airports; and school or university campuses, whether public or private.
-->{{#if:{{{10|}}}|{{{chain ninth|{{{chain|+}}}}}}{{key press/core|{{{10}}}}}}}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{11|}}}|[[Category:Wikipedia keypress template parameter needs fixing]]}}<noinclude>
The Waze editing community in the US has agreed that, aside from gas stations, '''ordinary businesses are never to be landmarked.''' However consensus is less firm regarding landmarking of large private country clubs, golf courses and retreat centers with extensive, groomed and conspicuous open space. Such facilities, though private, may be sufficiently distinctive and significant in a given area that to leave them unmapped would be a disservice to Waze users. Regardless, the criteria of either '''orienting drivers''' or '''not otherwise findable with a primary POI search engine''' apply to landmarking private as well as public locations.
<!-- add category and language links to the /doc sub-page, not here -->
Below is the list of Landmark Types provided by WME. '''This list is to facilitate a discussion in the forums about what Landmarks should and should not be included in the map''' The discussion is located at [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=276&t=26005 http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=276&t=26005] Eventually we hope for this to become the guide for which landmarks get mapped & how they get mapped.
* [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=23352 Landmark - Best Practices US ]
* [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=38934 USA Landmark Guidelines - Request for Comments]
== Minimum landmark size ==
{{:Landmarks/Minimum landmark size}}
== Transportation ==
=== Gas Station ===
=== Toll booth === <!-- include a wikilink to [[toll road]] when adding the landmark info here. -->
=== Terminal ===
=== Airport ===
=== Train station ===
=== Bus Station / Bus Terminal ===
=== Sea Port ===
=== Parking Lot ===
:''The US guidance on the Parking Lot landmark has been rewritten as global guidance on the [[Places/Parking lot|Parking Lot Area Place]]. The new guidance incorporates all critical elements of the original text and adds much necessary detail. To prevent confusion the original text has been removed from this page.''
=== Junction/Interchange ===
=== Bridge ===
=== Tunnel ===
=== Subway station ===
=== Ferry lane ===
:''See the article on [[Ferries]] for information on how to add a ferry route.''
=== Car Rental ===
=== Garage ===
== Leisure ==
=== Park ===
=== Museum / Visitor Center / Monument ===
=== Mall/Shopping Center ===
=== Convenience Store / Kiosk ===
=== Restaurant / Bar / Coffee Shop ===
=== Stadium / Sports Facility ===
=== Hotel / Motel / Guest Room ===
=== Club/Concert Hall ===
=== Beach ===
=== Camp site / RV Park ===
=== Casino ===
=== Marina ===
=== Promenade / Boardwalk ===
=== Store/stall ===
== Nature ==
=== Island ===
=== Sea/Lake/Levee ===
=== River/Stream ===
=== Forest/Grove ===
=== Farmland ===
=== Gravel ===
=== Danger Zone ===
== Public ==
=== Religious Site ===
=== Bank ===
=== Office Building ===
=== Industry ===
=== Public Building ===
=== Tourist Site / Attraction ===
=== ATM ===
=== Pharmacy ===
=== Supermarket/Market ===
== Public Service ==
=== Hospital/Clinic ===
=== Correction Facility / Prison ===
=== Military Site ===
=== Government / Municipal Building ===
=== Police Station ===
=== University / College / Academy ===
=== School / Kindergarten / Junior High / High School ===
=== Cemetery ===
=== Fire Department/Emergency Service ===
=== Post Office ===
== Other ==
=== Other ===
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Documentation icon Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

This is the {{key press}} template primarily designed to illustrate keys and keystrokes on a computer keyboard. With additional parameters, a single template can even illustrate a combination of multiple simultaneous keystrokes. A sequence of keystrokes, on the other hand, need to be demonstrated with separate templates.


{{key press|A}}A
{{key press|A}}A

Keystroke combinations

To illustrate keystroke combinations, just use extra parameters:

{{key press|Alt|P}}Alt+P
{{key press|Ctrl|Alt|Del}}Ctrl+Alt+Del

This template currently handles up to 10 key name parameters, which should be more than enough to accommodate for any possible combination of simultaneous keystrokes. If it gets too many key name parameters it reports the page into Category:Keypress template parameter needs fixing. This means we can easily find those pages and fix them, or we can discover if we need to make this template take more parameters.

When you feed several key names to this template, it adds a "+" (or whatever the contents of the optional chain parameter) with no spaces around. This means it won't line wrap. But when you show key combinations for instance in a table then that might cause too wide items. Then instead manually build the key combination with spaces around the "+" so it can line wrap:

{{key press|Ctrl}} + {{key press|Alt}} + {{key press|Del}}
Ctrl + Alt + Del
{{key press|Ctrl|Alt|Del|chain=&#32;+&#32;}}
Ctrl + Alt + Del

On the other hand, to illustrate Windows Alt codes you might want to use separate templates with no intervening punctuation or space. In most Windows systems in North America and Western Europe, for example, the plus-minus sign (±) can be entered by holding down the Alt key while typing 0177 (with the numeric keypad):

{{key press|Alt|0}}{{key press|1}}{{key press|7}}{{key press|7}}

An example of a use case where more than 5 might be used is explaining usage of a macro (keyboard shortcut) created by a third-party application:

{{Key press|Ctrl|Alt|Shift|Win|Menu|fn|L}}
Ctrl+Alt+ Shift+ Win+ Menu+fn+L


If there is an article about the key you can wikilink the key's name like any other wiki text. Like this:

If you are wikilinking the keys, please ensure that you are piping to the correct page (e.g. [[Control key|Ctrl]] instead of [[Ctrl]], which leads to a disambiguation page).

Wiki markup characters

Some wiki markup character, like the pipe symbol, the semicolon and the equals sign, need to be entered using the {{!}}, {{;}} and {{=}} templates or as an HTML entity &#124;, &#59;, &#61; respectively:

However, if the characters are marked as wikilinks, they can be entered as such:

Most markup characters also have aliases:

Key symbols

Some key names have a fitting Unicode character. This template automatically adds such "icons" to the following key names among others (see also Arrows exception below).

File:AltGr Win Menu Ctrl key.jpg
Windows key and Menu key
File:Ctl wndws alt.jpg
Old-style Windows key

There are no characters for the Windows key and Menu key. Besides, the Windows logo is trademarked. So this template shows approximate characters for them in the following way:

Technical details

This template calls {{key press/core}}, which holds the code that otherwise would be repeated several times in {{key press}}, thus simplifying the code.


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

Key press

Illustrates keys and keystrokes on a computer keyboard. Keys can include: Ctrl, Alt, Del, Opt, Menu, Left etc. console keys: ex, circle, triangle, square, and left right and center analog sticks: l-down, c-left, r-ne. The names are case insensitive.

Template parameters

First key1

First key

Second key2

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Third key3

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Forth key4

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Fifth key5

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Sixth key6

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Seventh key7

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Eighth key8

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Ninth key9

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Tenth key10

Optional key press in combination as the first.

Chaining characterchain

Character between chained key presses

Chaining characterchain first

Character between first and second key to press

Chaining characterchain second

Character between second and third key to press

Chaining characterchain third

Character between third and fourth key to press

Chaining characterchain fourth

Character between fourth and fifth key to press


Not to be confused with

  • {{Button}} – Produces a similar visual effect, but without the semantic markup, e.g. sample text.
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