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<!--{{{1}}} is the region or state name
----{{{2}}} is the field needed from the dataset
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This template enables the automatic selection of a forum for one of the United States or US Territories.


Place {{RC/Forum}} on a page where a URL to a state or region forum is desired. It uses the data in {{RC/Data}}.

| state-id or 


First parameter
STATENAME - The full name of the state or territory (Alaska, California, Texas, etc.)
STATE ABBREVIATION - The two letter state abbreviation (AK, CA, TX, etc.)
REGION NAME - The full name of the region (Northwest, New England, etc.)
Second parameter
state-id will return a URL to the state specific forum.
region-id will return a URL to the region specific forum.
(Note: the parameters are maintained in {{RC/Data/Core}}.


[{{RC/Forum | AK | state-id}} Alaska forum]

Produces: Alaska forum

[{{RC/Forum | Northwest | region-id}} Northwest region forum]

Produces: Northwest region forum

Related templates

This template suite also uses the following templates:

  • {{RC/USA}} - Link to USA Wiki page and forum
  • {{RC/Region}} - Link to Region Wiki page and forum
  • {{RC/CommonRegion}} - Default content for regional pages if not already created
  • {{RC/Forum}} - Generates HTML link based on Region name and requested data
  • {{RC/Data}} - The database holding all the regional coordinator related data
  • {{RC/Data/Core}} - The translation of text for parameters to the {{RC/Data}} content
  • {{RC/TableRow}} - Generates the main content for the RC table
  • {{Username|NAME_OF_USER}} to create user page and PM links.
  • {{PM|NAME_OF_USER}} to create PM links.
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