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#REDIRECT [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Segment_Edit_Detail]]
<includeonly>|- align="center"
| {{{1}}}
| {{RC/Region|{{{2|}}}}}
| {{RC/Data|{{{2|}}}|state-list}}
| {{Username|{{RC/Data|{{{2|}}}|regional-coordinator1}}}}
{{#if: {{RC/Data|{{{2|}}}|regional-coordinator2}}
  | <!--<br/>-->{{Username|{{RC/Data|{{{2|}}}|regional-coordinator2}}}}

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This template is a suite of subpage templates (listed below) used for the Regional Coordinator table.


The primary template used in this suite is {{RC/TableRow}} to automatically generate the content of the regional coordinator table. Place this template repeatedly for each region as shown.



There are two required parameters:

Parameter 1 is a text field added to the left inside the region name column, typically to indicate a map key region number for user cross reference.
Parameter 2 is the name of the region. It must match a region already defined in {{RC/Data}}.

Related templates

This template suite also uses the following templates:

  • {{RC/USA}} - Link to USA Wiki page and forum
  • {{RC/Region}} - Link to Region Wiki page and forum
  • {{RC/CommonRegion}} - Default content for regional pages if not already created
  • {{RC/Forum}} - Generates HTML link based on Region name and requested data
  • {{RC/Data}} - The database holding all the regional coordinator related data
  • {{RC/Data/Core}} - The translation of text for parameters to the {{RC/Data}} content
  • {{RC/TableRow}} - Generates the main content for the RC table
  • {{Username|NAME_OF_USER}} to create user page and PM links.
  • {{PM|NAME_OF_USER}} to create PM links.
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:RC/doc.
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