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Levels, roles and responsibilities

The Waze community knows ranks and roles, along with points and edit count. Among the editors, everyone starts as a beginner who works on parts of the map near where they drive. The editing tasks are shared by the whole community.

As editors gain experience, they are increased in level, with an increase in editing area and the tools they can use. They also can be given new roles to perform for the community.


{add a word on levels in the app} Editing levels range from 1, given to editors starting out, to 6, reserved for those who’ve demonstrated the most understanding of mapping skills. With each advance from levels 1 to 4, the editor gains a wider range of editing area around the roads where they’ve driven. Neighborhood streets are usually open to all editors, but connecting roads and highways require higher ranks to edit. But beginning editors make important contributions too — adding speed limits to the streets, drawing new segments where they’re needed, creating and editing new Places on the map. With their first promotion, editors at Rank 2 can also moderate requests for Places on the map — approving or rejecting new Places or new Place photos or details. There are also new tools that can be used as rank is increased. A Rank 3 editor can restrict a road immediately when authorities close them for any reason.


Editors also request new roles: • An Area Manager (AM) is assigned an area open to editing regardless of driving history. The top managers and Waze can expand these areas in size as their experience grows. These editors take more responsibility for keeping up with changes needed on the map. There are no Regional Managers yet in India, but some AMs can take charge of an entire state or region, provide guidance to newer AMs and consult with top managers on various issues.

  • A Country Manager (CM) has countrywide editing access and provides support where it’s needed. This is primarily an editing role, but CMs also advise on management decisions.
  • Champs are the highest ranking editors who make the decisions on promotions, area expansions and other issues. A chart listing some of these leaders appears below (link to table).

State and Area Management

State Managers
State Editor(s)
Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir & Uttarakhand kamonu (PM)
Karnataka & Goa davide7O (PM) gbnardo (PM)
Maharastra rain101 (PM)
Tamil Nadu cherianchris (PM) mareku188 (PM) jugr0 (PM)
Gujarat & Rajasthan GeekDriverPeaceful (PM)
Area Managers
Editor Level Area State
cherianchris (PM) 6 Chennai Tamil Nadu
lunarplexus (PM) 5 New Delhi Delhi
Marcin_S (PM) 5 Hyderabad Telangana
davide7O (PM) 6 Mysuru Karnataka
DidierLmn (PM) 3 Mumbai Maharashtra
sk2380 (PM) 5 Pune Maharashtra
5 Agra Uttar Pradesh
Moweez (PM) 6 Bengaluru Karnataka
valhallen282 (PM) 3 Bengaluru Karnataka
moweez (PM) 6 Kolkata Bengal
5 Pollachi Tamil Nadu
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