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Welcome to Korea!


우리의 첫번째 목표는 도로정보에 살을 붙이고 시골 지방에서도 완벽하게 작동하는 내비게이션을 모두가 사용하게 하는 것이고, 두번째 목표는 각각의 도로의 이름과 도로의 규칙을 표준화 하고 업데이트 요청(URs)을 하나씩 지워나가는 것입니다. 


기초 자료

Local issues

Naming conventions: Roads in korea, and signs generally, are given in Hangul (korean script) first, then romanized transliteration or English translation as appropriate. Waze will read only the western text. Route numbers are currently generally enclosed in either (), [], {}, or <>. All of these should be changed to parentheses. Example: Route 1 running through Daegu currently reads, " {1}경부고속도로 EXPWY" This should be: "(1) 경부고속도로 Gyeongbu Expressway"

Street names are very different than US names as well. Instead of names as such, they are descriptives. For example, 석전로8길 (Seokjeon-ro 8-gil) would roughly translate to "road 8 in Seokjeon" where Seokjeon is the name of the neighborhood.

Romanization: two different versions of romanization exist for Korean, meaning that the same korean name might be romanized two fairly different western spellings. This can be easy (Busan/Pusan) or really weird. When possible, street names should match physical signage on those roads. If that is unknown, Revised Romanization should be used.

Unnavagable/Borderline navigable roads: Many older residential areas have roads that are too small to be passable by car or that are only marginally trafficable. Be aware that not every identifiable road will be passable by car. Don't assume that every house, or block of houses can be reached by car. That said, err on the side of adding. The main goal here is getting things mapped.

U-Turns: A small section of dashed lines indicates a U-turn zone. Most satellite imagery won't be detailed enough to show it, but some areas have high enough resolution to make it out.

Military bases: Both korean and US bases should be entered as restricted roads by default.

Visiting Editors

Your main goal will be to get roads drawn, find disconnected segments and connect them as appropriate, and otherwise flesh out the overall road system.

Local Hosts

If you speak Korean enough to do so, work on standardizing existing road names.


The exact divisions have not been determined yet. Each team should have a mix of English speakers and Korean speakers along with at least one person proficient enough in both to translate.

Key positions: Raid leader: Oversees the entire operation Attache: Assists with cross cultural issues (If raid leader is American, Attache would be Korean or vice versa)

Team Leader Translator Subteams or squads as needed.

Sign ups

Signups are not yet open. Important info will be:

Name: Waze username

Desired region: When regions are set, the one you want, or "no preference"

English ability: Native speaker, Fluent, Proficient, Limited (know some basic terms and can transliterate, but NOT translate), None.

Korean ability: Native speaker, Fluent, Proficient, Limited (know some basic terms and can transliterate, but NOT translate), None.

Name Prefered Region English ability Korean ability
Johnny Example Seoul Native speaker None
Josh Example Daegu Native speaker Limited
Kim Example Daejeon limited Native speaker
Lee Example Any Proficient Native speaker