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地标是可以在位智地图里搜索的目的地。 地标就跟其它导航设备里"兴趣景点"相似。

区域地标是以多边形态呈现在位智地图(在位智地图上可以看到面积的地标)。 太多的区域地标会造成地图混乱,因为大型的灰色地带不利于智友定位。 因此,区域地标只应用在拥有特色的地标/特别的景点。

的地标不会在位智地图里显示。 点的地标可以用来帮助智友找到公共场所,特别是那些还没有被纳入其它搜索引擎的公共场所。



每个地方,无论是点还是区域,都应该尽可能要有更多及更完善的细节。 这包括名称,正确的分类,完整的街道地址,城市和州。 如果任何地方没有城市或街道,请在无的复选框中打勾。




Place Details


我们根据位智用户当前搜索的内容选择了120个类别。 我们的目标是让其尽可能广泛,我们理解,可能有很多地方没有一个确切的合适分类。 对于这些地方,请使用可能包含其所在分类的类别。

  • 一个地方可以被分配到多个类别
  • 地点的主要分类必须第一个输入
  • 主要分类显示时会比其他分类有更深的蓝色
  • 主要分类是确定其地点是点地标或是区域地标



The correct naming format is to Capitalize Each Word.
When naming Point Places which are contained within an Area Place in this way, it may be desirable to include the Area's name in the separate Point Place names. If this is desirable, name the Point Places with the specific name first, followed by a hyphen, followed by the Area name, as such:

Point Specific Name - Area General Name

For example, "Faculty of Agriculture - UPM" or "Hush Puppies - Mid Valley Megamall". There are two exceptions: airport Point Places, and emergency rooms.
Primary Name

  • Must in the alphanumeric format.
  • Must follow the actual name that show on their business signboard or the name that show on their official website.
  • For the Gas Station the primary name must clearly indicate the brand of the gasoline a gas station sells.

Alternative Name

  • The name that use/known by local.
  • Any name that are not in the alphanumeric format (Example : 中文, بهاس جاوي , 日本の, 한국의)
Branches / Business Outlet Locator

For the place that have multiple outlet, please use the place locator to verify it official name.

Category Locator Remark
Gas Station


  • The primary name must clearly indicate the brand of the gasoline a gas station sells.
  • Primary name format :-
    Brand of the Gasoline - Station Name
  • For the name of the owner can be insert as Alternate Name.

Example :-
Primary Name : BHPetrol – Taman Kosas
Alternate Name : BHPetrol (Topaz Tamasek Sdn Bhd)

Bank / Finance

Public Bank
Bank Rakyat
Hong Leong Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Of China

  • Primary name format :-
    Name of the bank - Branch name
  • If the bank have other name (not in alphanumeric character), please insert it as Alternate Name.

Example 1 :-
Primary Name : Bank Of China – Puchong
Alternate Name : 中国银行 - 蒲种分行

Example 2 :-
Primary Name : Bank Rakyat – Subang Perdana
Alternate Name : بيڠک رعية

Food & Drink

Pizza Hut
Burger King
Domino Pizza
Kenny Roger Roasters
The Chicken Rice Shop
Old Town White Coffee
Dunkin Donuts

  • Primary name format :-
    Fast Food / Restoran - Outlet/store name

Example :-
Primary Name : KFC – Taman Taming Jaya

Shopping Center

The Store

Follow the shopping center name show on the outlet signboard or use the name show on the shopping center locator
Convenience Store


KK Super Mart
99 Speedmart
Tunas Manja

  • Primary name format :-
    Convenience Store / Supermarket name - Outlet name
  • 7-Eleven, 7-Eleven in the Primary Name field and 7-11 in the Alternate Name field
  • Tunas Manja, please follow the official name as show on the Supermarket locator
Car Dealership


Proton Edar Sdn. Bhd.
Naza KIA Malasyia Sdn. Bhd.
UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd.
Volkswagen Group Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Hino Motors

  • Primary name format :-
    Brand [ Car Dealer / Garage Owner ]
  • For the normal car dealership and garage, just use the name show on the place signboard.

Example :-
Primary Name : Perodua [Otomobil Sepadu Sdn. Bhd.]



If you know what brand gasoline a gas station sells, you should select it as the Brand. Stations named after their brands, such as big companies like PETRONAS, Shell, Petron, Mobil, ESSO, are easy to identify the brand which should be selected. If the brand gasoline a gas station sells is new and isn't available in the drop down list, leave the field blank.
This field is only available for the Gas Station.


BEWARE: Do not use the Description field for notes to other editors. This field is visible in the Waze app, and should only contain details pertinent to the Place itself.


Places considered fundamental to the functioning of the Waze app, such as Gas Stations, should be locked at least to Level 3 to prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of submissions from Trusted Users. Other complex, intricate, or crucial Places such as Police Stations, Fire Departments, Airports, Parks should also be considered for locking to prevent loss of data.

Note :-
Please lock all the moderated places at minimum Level 3.


Public places can be turned into private places, but private places cannot be turned into public places. Use this to convert places mistakenly labeled as public into private. Private places only contain photos and an exact address, without all the other properties of a place.


When all the detail below has been complete, click the Apply button. If no changes are to be made, click the Cancel button.



  • Use the Street Name that near to the place entrance.
  • If the road does not have a name, the "None" check box should be selected and street name left blank.
  • Only Street Name are allow. Do not include the house number and the name of residential area in the street field

House Number

  • Definitions :-
    • The unique number given to each building on a street which forms part of that building's address
    • The street address numbers painted on a building (or an object such as a mailbox or post near the building), or painted on the curb of the street in front of the building.
    • House Number is the system of giving a unique number to each building in a street or area, with the intention of making it easier to locate a particular building. The house number is often part of a postal address. The term describes the number of any building (residential or not) or vacant lot with a mailbox.
  • Please do not confuse the house number with the phone number.
  • Leave the House Number field blank if you don't know the place house number.

Use the name of the city that the place located

Only Malaysia are allow in the Country field cause you are editing in Malaysia

More Info Tab

In the More Info tab is additional helpful information for the Place. Here you will add phone number, website, additional services, and hours of operation:

Place More Info


Services help users decide if they should drive to a particular place. Here are descriptions of available services. Waze uses the same set of services for every place type. The service checkbox only has two states, 'yes' or 'no answered', thus there is no way to determine if a place either does not have a service or an editor hasn't added one yet.

Valet service The place has valet parking whereby drivers can valet their car, leaving it with an attendant who will park it for them. These services could be free or fee-based.

Drive-through The place has a drive-through window, which serves food or other items via window that allows the driver not to leave their vehicle. Restaurants, banks, and pharmacies often have drive-through windows.

Wi-Fi The place has free Wi-Fi available for customers. Wi-Fi can be completely open, or accessible with a password that the place operator supplies the user.

Restrooms The place has public restrooms where customers can use a toilet.

Accepts credit cards The place accepts any type of credit card for payment of goods or services. At this time Waze does not differentiate between credit card types.

Reservations The place accepts reservations, i.e. a reserved time for dining in the place.

Outdoor seating The place allows diners to eat outside, weather permitting. Outdoor seating may be on the curb, sidewalk, or in a fenced in area on the premises.

Air conditioning The place has air conditioning, to cool and dehydrate the air when the ambient temperature considered to be warm or hot. This may be possible to infer by looking for air conditioning condensers or chillers on roofs or near buildings on aerial photography within the Waze Map Editor.

Parking for customers The place has parking for customers where they can leave their car, which could be free or for a fee, where the customer parks their own car and walks to the place.

Deliveries At this time this service is unclear. It could mean that the place either accepts deliveries, e.g. from UPS or FedEx, or makes deliveries of food or products to the customer, within a certain range.


The phone number format are as shown on the table below.

WazeMy Phone No. Format Example
ZZZ-XXX YYYY 012-345 6789
ZZ-XXXX YYYY 03-1234 5678
ZZ-XXX YYYY 03-123 4567
1-XXX-XX-XXXX 1-800-88-1234 / 1-300-88-1234

Opening Hours

The Opening hours section allows editor to add or delete the hours of operation for Places, including unique times for each day of the week. The hours submitted in the editor may not overlap, or a save error will occur.

Opening Hours

Photos Tab

Any photos which drivers have added to a Place will appear in the Photos tab. In WME, we can only review and delete photos. Photos can only be uploaded from the Waze app. Click on a picture to view a larger version.

Place Photos
Deleting a Place photo

Take great care to make a well thought-out decision to delete a photo. Once a photo is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Delete only if the photo really is unclear, not helpful and/or inappropriate.

Wme place photo hover.png

Any improper or inappropriate photos should be removed. Hover the mouse over a picture in the Place Photos tab, and click the X which appears at the top right of the photo.

Place Updates Request (Moderation)

Wme placemarker new.pngWme placemarker new photo.pngWme placemarker updated details.png The Places updates layer will display Places with update request(s) pending. When an untrusted driver submits a new Place or an update to an existing Place, these go into a type of moderation status. The Place Update Request (PUR) marker shown to the left display to let you know, similar to an Update Request, the location of a pending Place update.

Area with update marker
  • The Place update request markers will only appear if you have the "Place updates" layer enabled.
  • Point Places with pending updates will display with the Wme place pending update.png icon even when the "Place updates" layer is disabled.
  • With the Place updates layer enabled, an Area Place will display with an update request marker at its center.
New Place

When you click on the Place update request marker, you will be presented with a panel which details the updates the Wazer has submitted. The exact content of the panel will differ depending on the type and amount of information input by the end user using the Waze app.

  • When you click on any Place which has a pending update, the following message will appear in the left tabs area of the editor screen. Clicking on it will display the update details just the same as clicking on the Place update marker.

Wme places update pending notice.png
Very long full Place update

Accept or reject?

The job of the Waze editor is to accept or reject Place Updates Request sent by users from the Waze app. The general guideline to use to determine whether to Accept the update is,

"Is all the information provided in the update request correct and according to WazeMy Place guideline?"

A Place update, if the user completes ALL the information, can be extremely long (expand thumbnail to the right).

If some of the data is incorrect, or the photo include in the update request is improper and unhelpful to drivers, the editor must direct reject the Place Update Request and re-create the Place with all the correct information (if the Place Update Request is a newly added place).

WazeMy editor only can accept the Place Update Request with all the information provided in the request are correct and according to WazeMy Place guideline.

Determining Acceptable Photos

Defining exactly what is an acceptable photo is difficult because the huge variation in destinations. In general terms, the pictures of Places should be such that a driver could use the picture to help determine exactly which destination is the correct one. The system will try to show the arriving user the most relevant photo from their direction of arrival, time of day, etc.

Take great care to make a well thought-out decision to delete a photo. Once a photo is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Delete only if the photo really is unclear, not helpful and/or inappropriate.

The following are meant as guidelines both for the editor and for users taking pictures. Photos should:

  • Show the exterior of the Place and NOT the INTERIOR.
  • Be clear (not blurry, through rain-covered/dirty windows, not from moving vehicles/trains, etc)
  • Be well lit (not dark without lighting at night).
  • Help differentiate the Place location from nearby Places.

Photos could include images of, but not necessarily limited to:

  • ENTRANCES which have signage so that Wazers can identify the place
  • Image of the front/side of Place (angled) to exemplify the correct building
  • Include Street side signage of the Place
  • Daylight images
  • Night or evening images, as long as the image is clear and helps the driver identify the Place

Photos should not show :

  • People's faces - any photo with a fully identifiable face should be removed, or rejected.
  • Car license plates - any photo with a fully identifiable license plate should be removed, or rejected.
  • Anything which allows a viewer to tie a person to a specific location will be rejected.
  • Any pornographic content, nudity, sexual content or simulation, etc.
  • Floor, sky, speedometer, selfie and anything that is not related to the place.
  • The place photo that is upside down or slanting to one side.

Examples of Good and Bad Place Photos

Good Bad
GoodPlacePhoto1.jpg BadPlacePhoto1.jpg
GoodPlacePhoto2.jpg BadPlacePhoto2.jpg
GoodPlacePhoto3.jpg BadPlacePhoto3.jpg
GoodPlacePhoto4.jpg BadPlacePhoto4.jpg
GoodPlacePhoto5.jpg BadPlacePhoto5.jpg

Duplicate Places

When a user submits an update for a Place, but does not, or cannot, choose an existing Place in the app, it will show in the Waze Map Editor as a New Place. It could also happen that two users report a new Place at the same moment which results in two New Places.

At this time, there is no "merge updates" or "merge Places" functionality in the editor. You may have to manually copy new/updated information from the Place update to the existing Place. You cannot copy/move photos.

When you find a Place update which would duplicate an existing Place

  1. Copy updated valuable information from the newly created Place to the previously-existing Place
  2. Reject the Place Update Request
  3. Save

If two New Place updates which are for the same place, please approve the Place Update Request which

  • Contains more than just a photo, and
  • Provides useful, updated information
  • Mo mistake in the place update request

If the criteria cannot be met the WazeMy guideline, then Reject the Place Update Request.

Place Update FAQs

Who can moderate places?

Users with Level 2 and higher can moderate within their editing areas.

What requires moderation?

  • For new places: every new place which is created by a level 1 editor which is untrusted requires an approval by a level 2+ editor.
  • For place updates: every update which is done for a place which is locked above the user’s level will require a moderation by a sufficiently ranked user.
  • Flagged (Reported Problem): all flags (for potentially problematic images or places) need to be moderated by a level 2+ editor.

What is a trusted user?

Once some contributions by the same user have been reviewed positively by a moderator, we consider that user trusted. They can now add new places directly without any moderation. Updates to existing places are still pending a review if these places are locked.

What kind of places should we approve?

Almost anything which represents a real place should probably be approved. If a Wazer would ever make benefit from knowing that this place exists, it’s worth it. Exceptions are places which include private user information, inappropriate content, or otherwise irrelevant.

If found even 1 mistake in the details of a place , you must reject it and then re-create it accordingly.

What kind of photos should we approve?

Any photo which helps the user understand what this place is like is great. Outside pictures are even better, and we have a system that will try to show the arriving user the most relevant photo from his direction of arrival, time of day, etc. Inappropriate pictures or pictures which are not related to the place should be rejected.

Please remember - rejecting both places and photos will prevent the reporting user from getting points and might even get them blocked.

Can I partially reject an update?

Currently not. If a suggestion is only partially correct, it is recommended to reject it, save, and then re-create/edit the place.

Can I move a photo from one Place to another?

No. This function is not available in the editor

Can I move or merge any data from a duplicate Place update to an existing Place?

No. You will have to manually copy over updated information.

Can a user become blocked from adding new places?

Every user (trusted or not) can become blacklisted and banned from adding places once they have tried adding a certain amount of places or updates which have been rejected. We also track places that have been flagged and removed - if we see a pattern where a certain user created many of these, he might be blacklisted.

Who gets the points for the new places created after an approval?

Users do not get points for pending places and updates - only when a moderator approved the suggestion the user gets the points for his contribution. The moderation action itself (either a rejection or an approval) grants the moderating user with an edit point.

Do we get points for creating places from the client?

We grant the exact same number of points for the same edit whether it’s done from the client or the web editor.


Some places can belong to one of Waze’s advertising partners. These places will be locked for community editing for the duration of the campaign, but editors can still suggest edits - the Waze ad operations team will review and consider all suggestions to these locked places.

What is the Residential setting? Private and public places

Our main goal in this project is to improve the data our users can get about public places. Since adding places is fun and can be even somewhat addictive, we figured our users might want to add private places (their home, for instance) as well. We want to provide an outlet for that, so that we can avoid having private places wrongly listed as public.

Private places will not be searchable, and we will not expose the identity of whoever created them or attached pictures to them. We will be using the pictures and exact locations to improve our house numbers database and show photos to people driving explicitly to that address.

Private / public
Public places can be turned into private places, but private places cannot be turned into public places. Use this to convert places mistakenly labeled as public into private. Private places only contain photos and an exact address, without all the other properties of a place.

Why my Places Update Request been rejected ?

Place Update Request Why rejected ?
  • This is a road segment not a place
  • Primary name all lowercase
  • Wrong category. (This place category should under Residence)
  • Visible license plate
  • Primary name all lowercase. (Places Residence not require name)
  • Didn't use the official name of the place.
  • The photo didn't provide a clear image for a driver to identify the place.
  • Please don't simply change the nature feature to other places, this may endanger the the Wazer that not familiar with that area.
  • Invalid primary name.
  • Phone No. wrongly insert at the House Number field.
  • The photo didn't help Wazer clearly identify the place.
  • Upside down photo




主要类别 子类别 类型 注释
汽车服务 洗车
汽车服务 充电站 马来西亚还没有充电站
汽车服务 修车库 / 汽车店
汽车服务 加油站 区域 许多加油站都有便利店和自动提款机。请使用把“加油站”作为主分类再添加其他任何相关的类别。


汽车服务 停车场




运输 飞机场 区域
运输 区域 只使用来代表与当地或导航有意义的公路桥名称。这应该是一个官方/本地使用的名称,最好是在桥两端都有标记名称的桥。


运输 巴士站
运输 码头 区域
运输 路口 / 交汇处
运输 海港 / 码头 / 港口 区域
运输 地铁站 马来西亚没有地铁站
运输 的士站 (出租车站)
运输 火车站 包括了轻快铁站,单轨铁路站,ETS和KTM站。
运输 隧道 区域
专业与公共 墓地 区域
专业与公共 市政厅 包括了地方政府
专业与公共 学院 / 大学 区域

专业与公共 会展 / 活动中心 区域

主要会展/活动中心 (布城国际会展中心, 太子世界贸易中心, 阳光礼堂)


专业与公共 法院
专业与公共 大使馆 / 领事馆 区域
专业与公共 工厂 / 工业 如果是地标,就是用区域。
专业与公共 消防局 区域
专业与公共 政府



专业与公共 医院 / 医疗 区域

专业与公共 资讯站 电视与广播电台
专业与公共 幼稚园
专业与公共 图书馆
专业与公共 军事
专业与公共 办公室 如果是地标,就是用区域。
专业与公共 组织或协会
专业与公共 警察局 区域
专业与公共 监狱 / 惩教设施 区域
专业与公共 邮局
专业与公共 宗教中心 区域



专业与公共 学校 区域
商场与服务 工艺品
商场与服务 自动取款机
商场与服务 银行 / 金融
商场与服务 书店
商场与服务 汽车代理商
商场与服务 租车服务
商场与服务 便利店
商场与服务 外币兑换
商场与服务 百货商店 / 百货公司
商场与服务 电子产品
商场与服务 时装与服装
商场与服务 鲜花
商场与服务 家具 / 家居店
商场与服务 礼品
商场与服务 健身房 / 健身
商场与服务 五金店
商场与服务 珠宝 / 首饰
商场与服务 洗衣店
商场与服务 市场
商场与服务 音乐店
商场与服务 个人护理
商场与服务 宠物店 / 兽医服务
商场与服务 西药房
商场与服务 摄影
商场与服务 购物中心 区域 购物中心内的店面使用“点”。
商场与服务 体育用品
商场与服务 超市 / 杂货店 区域 / 点
商场与服务 游泳池
商场与服务 玩具店
商场与服务 旅行社
饮食 面包店
饮食 酒吧
饮食 咖啡店 大排档,路边摊口,汉堡包摊位,移动食品摊位及任何没有永久的建筑结构的地方无需标记在地图上。
饮食 甜品
饮食 快餐店
饮食 美食广场 大排档,路边摊口,汉堡包摊位,移动食品摊位及任何没有永久的建筑结构的地方无需标记在地图上。
饮食 冰淇淋 / 雪糕 大排档,路边摊口,汉堡包摊位,移动食品摊位及任何没有永久的建筑结构的地方无需标记在地图上。
饮食 餐馆
文化与娱乐 艺术画廊 / 艺术馆
文化与娱乐 娱乐城 / 赌场 如果是地标,就是用区域。
文化与娱乐 俱乐部
文化与娱乐 游戏俱乐部
文化与娱乐 电影院
文化与娱乐 博物馆 区域
文化与娱乐 音乐表演场地 / 音乐馆
文化与娱乐 表演艺术场地
文化与娱乐 赛道 区域
文化与娱乐 体育馆/竞技场 区域
文化与娱乐 主题公园 区域
文化与娱乐 剧院
文化与娱乐 旅游景点 / 史迹 如果是地标,就是用区域。
文化与娱乐 动物园 / 水族馆 区域
其他 村庄 / 住宅区 / 公寓 / 长屋

把“点”标在合适的地点, 如那地区的主要入口。

其他 建筑地盘 区域 不一定要标记在地图上。
住宿 民宿
住宿 露营 / 拖车公园
住宿 村舍 / 小屋
住宿 宿舍
住宿 酒店
户外 海滩 区域 海滩度假区
户外 高尔夫球场 区域
户外 公园 区域 在居民区里的公园不需标记在地图上。


户外 游乐场 区域 在居民区内的游乐场不需标记在地图上
户外 广场
户外 海滨长廊
户外 观景台
户外 滑雪场 马来西亚没有滑雪场
户外 运动场
自然景物 农场 农场,钓鱼池,鱼池,不必要标记在地图上。
自然景物 森林 / 树林 区域 只须标记国家公园和自然保护区
自然景物 岛屿 区域 不允许。 只由在特定的情况才被允许,必须得到资深编辑者的批准。
自然景物 河流 / 小溪 区域 只须提供河流/小溪的名字。其他资料不需要填。
自然景物 海 / 湖 / 池 区域 如果水域对附近的道路驾驶者有明显的视觉感。对于非常小水域不需要标记。
自然景物 运河 区域
自然景物 沼泽地 区域
自然景物 水坝 区域


Any Place that functions as a landmark may be represented as an Area Place even if the table above indicates otherwise. A landmark Place is defined as a named, architecturally unique location, locally well known for its uncommon height or iconic exterior appearance, easily visible to and recognizable by passing drivers, that is visually and obviously unlike its immediate surroundings.
Landmarks are not to be confused with local references. A local reference is a location used for orientation by those who frequently pass near it. Every landmark is a local reference, but not every local reference is a landmark. For example, Petronas Twin Tower is a landmark, while an ordinary tire shop with a big, brightly colored sign is a local reference.