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正确的命名格式为大写首字母 (标题模式).
当点类型地点的位置是在区域地点的范围内时,其名称必须包含区域地点的名称。 如果需要, 先使用点类型地点的名称,而区域地点名称在点类型地点的名称的后面,如下所示:

Point Specific Name Area General Name

For example, "Faculty of Agriculture UPM" or "Hush Puppies Mid Valley Megamall". There are two exceptions: airport Point Places, and emergency rooms.
Primary Name

  • Must in the alphanumeric format.
  • Must follow the actual name that show on their business signboard or the name that show on their official website.
Priority 1: Normal capitalize words.
Priority 2: As per signboard.
In the case where a Registered Trademark/Servicemark (R) is used, 
the spelling of the Registered Trademark/Servicemark takes precedence, 
if it differs from Priority 1.