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Nepal community maintains the Waze map and makes sure it works as best as possible. We also work together with our mentor and community members to make guidelines that suites Nepal. The community of Nepal is in it's initial phase and except to grow slowly in coming years. Much of the map in Nepal is not maintained well & You can help by sharing your experiences. You can just drive around with Waze turned on or even edit the map yourself.

Community of Nepal

Community Managers
Editors Role Country of Origin
MadanKPradhan (PM) Badge LocalChamp.pngBadge Coordinator.pngBadge CountryManager.pngBadge MTEMarshal.png Nepal
Davide7O(PM) Badge LocalChamp.pngBadge Coordinator.pngBadge CountryManager.png Italy
Moweez (PM) Booster Badge2.pngBadge GlobalChamp.pngBadge Mentor Global Champ.pngBadge CountryManager.png Netherlands

PRoject Lead
Project Lead
Mentoring Davide7O(PM)
Moweez (PM)
MadanKPradhan (PM)
Wiki MadanKPradhan (PM)
Moweez (PM)
Social Media MadanKPradhan (PM)

Active Editors
Editors Role Country of Origin
Paliano Badge AreaManager.png Italy
qwertypoi1966 Badge AreaManager.png Italy
rub-fig Badge AreaManager.png Argentina
superguru75 Badge AreaManager.png Italy



We mostly use Slack for our community communication. We have different channels for classes, edits, and the general talks. If you would like to join Waze Nepal community for discussions & also take active part in the development of the Waze Nepal community, it's the best way to get involved.

If you are ready to join, you can request an invitation to Slack.