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  • BAG stands for "Basisregistratie adressen en gebouwen".
  • Information on all Dutch houses - streets and house numbers.
  • Available via the BAG viewer:
  • After selecting a house, address information is shown. (See picture)
  • The BAG address information (Resultaat: street name and house number) are leading.

Remark: Don't use the BAG map for mapping roads.


This information can be used to add house numbers by adding the BAG map overlay via the OpenMap script.


  1. Install OpenMaps script (if not already done)
  2. WME left hand side area: click on the tab identified with WME-LiveMapSymbol.jpg
  3. Select a map to add: BAG
  4. Zoom in to level 5 or more and the information from BAG (houses pictured grey with yellow dots) is displayed.
  5. Display on another browser window the BAG viewer:
  6. Use the Resultaat information from the BAG viewer to add house numbers; add the house numbers on they yellow dots.


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