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Starting editors: what they can do and what not

Everywhere you have driven using Waze you can edit. In our country the maps are quite good. Altough at first you might think there is not much to do for you, please zoom in and you can almost always find something to improve. Even in areas with a lot of editors you will find missing house numbers, charging stations or missing parking lot roads or a part of a street is missing. Also sometimes streetnames are missing or misspelled. Other work you can do is remove unnecessary geometry nodes, see the paragraph Too many geometry nodes. For more ideas check out the Starters Summary. Read the Wiki and just start editing, that way you will learn to use the editor and earn points to get to a higher level.

Because the maps in our country are already quite good, there is also a risk with editing. You can break things that are working fine. Please be aware that some things might look incorrect or not logical to you, but can be correct based on the Basic principles of Waze. Be carefull with changing and deleting work of other editors. In case of the slighest doubt, first contact the previous editor.

To make this more clear we have made two lists, one of things you can do as a starting editor and one you should not do or be extremely cautious.