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  • You will only see arrows for your direction of travel when there is also an instruction. Without turn instruction in the app so no arrows displayed.
  • We follow as much as possible the arrows on the signs and on the road surface.
  • When the arrows on the road surface deviate from the arrows on the signs, we follow the signs.
  • The arrows that the app chooses by default can be overruled, which is sometimes necessary with complex intersections. But also then keep the arrows on signs or road as a correction.
  • Once there are multiple lanes to choose from to go in a direction, enter LG.
  • If there are no separate lanes, no signs, no arrows, do not enter LG.
  • If there are two lanes that turn the same way, you can enter them.
  • If arrows have not been applied to the road surface or signs in all directions, this will have to be done in WME. Lanes cannot be left empty.
  • Lanes that 'normal' traffic cannot use, such as public transport, are not yet supported and can therefore not be indicated yet, unless the intersection has already been adapted for this.
  • For the application of Lane guidance for rush-hour lanes, if the rush-hour lane is on the left, we include that rush-hour lane in the number of lanes, and if the rush-hour lane is on the right (usually the emergency lane) it becomes not included in the lane indication.
  • We are not going to make any intersection adjustments for the time being to make the LG work.

Wrong save results in no display in the app and a gray area in the WME. Currently it is quite common that saved LG is not displayed afterwards. This could possibly be another bug in WME. You may also see the color turn gray if you slide the card away without saving the change immediately.