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Places are searchable destinations in the Waze map, just like the "Points of Interest" found in certain popular GPS devices. They can be added from the client, but also in the Waze Map Editor. Here you'll find the instructions on how to create a Place in the WME. For a description of the different types of places see the Place categories page. You have to enable the Places Layer before it is possible to add a Place.

A Place can be a Point or an Area. Above a given size Area Places become visible in the client. A Point Place is never visible, but both types can be searched and navigated to. There is also a third kind of Place called Residential, which are private addresses. These are always Point Places.

Point Places

Point Places don't show on the Wazers device. They can be used to help Wazers find locations, especially when they are not or wrongly listed in other destination search engines. As they are searchable from the app, accurate positioning of a point location and providing a full address (including street number) are both utterly important.

In the WME, a Point appears as a small circle:
Wme place.png Standard point