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WME Advanced Closures

Waze Map Editor (WME) script that handles recurrent and imported closures.

How to use the script

The dialog panel of advanced closures is opened by clicking the button on the closure tab of a segment. The dialog panel contains two sections.

Top section

Advanced Closures - Top Section

1. Range

Date range when the closure(s) should be applied.

2. Start

Start time of the closure in hh:mm

3. Duration

Duration of the closure. Top field is days, bottom field is hours.

4. Other properties of the closure

Bottom Section


When you want to add the closure a number of times, every day/hour/minute. The amount is limited by the range in the top section. The frequency must be higher than the duration that is entered in the top section.

Advanced Closures - Bottom Section - Repeat

When you want to add a closure only on certain weekdays.

Advanced Closures - Bottom Section - Each

Should allow you to load public holidays within the set date range, but this is currently not working.

Load Settings

Gives you the opportunity to copy the top section from another segment with a closure. If there are multiple closures on a segment, you can select the one you want to copy from the dropdown.

Advanced Closures - Bottom Section - Load settings

The preview shows the closures that will be put on a selected segment when you click apply. It allows you to verify data has been entered correctly and that the closures will appear as intended. An orange exclamation mark icon will appear at the end of each line if it has an issue. You can see what the issue is by hovering over the icon with your cursor. After you click apply, a green “OK” will appear for closures successfully added.

Advanced Closures - Preview

Note that if you add more than a handful of closures, it will take a good few minutes to process this. Meanwhile some closures may show in a single direction only, even when they have been entered as dual direction closures. Please wait and refresh the view to check whether all went well.

Pro-tip: adding a lot of closures to multiple segments is not always working nicely. If at all possible, it’s better to apply multiple closures to one segment at the time.

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