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Message definition (Junction Box)
==Junction Box==
[[File:Junction-box-map.png|right|260px]]Junction boxes (JBs) worden gebruikt om [[Abbreviations|ETA]] berekeningen te verbeteren en voor navigatie over gecompliceerde kruisingen. Junction boxes worden vertoond met meerdere segments met meerdere ingangen en uitgangen. They are basically a hint editors can give the Waze routing services that “although these few segments are cut in a few places, they generally should be treated as a single point which connects traffic from several sources”.<br />
<br />
Considering a complex intersection as a single point has several beneficial properties:
* Traffic speed data for each path through the junction box can be collected separately.
* [[Turn restriction|Turn restrictions]] can also be separately controlled for each path through the junction box.
<br />
For ETA purposes, the routing server does not consider segments wholly within the junction box, but rather treats the junction box as if all the segments which enter or exit the the junction box are connected to at a single junction node.<br />
<br />
Junction boxes are considered only by the routing server. Junction boxes have no effect on navigational prompts. Junction boxes have no visibility in the client or on the live map. Junction boxes do not effect the search engine; the origin or destination of route may be contained in a junction box.<br />
<br />
For editting a junction box '''L5''' is needed.