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Editors are encouraged to follow these guidelines.

Road types

The following convention is the recommended way to label road types in New Zealand.

NOTE: When Labelling Freeways and Highways where possible avoid changes to, "Road Type", "City Name" and "Street Name" over many road sections.

For example routing from Cape Reinga to Wellington using only using "SH 1" label format, routing would be much improved if every segment was named exactly the same.


Waze Road Type Description Road Shield Examples
Freeway (Motorway) Freeway, motorway, and expressway. There must be no intersections and there must be no access or exits except from ramps. List of motorways and expressways in New Zealand. SH1 SH1.jpg
  • Road Type: Freeway (Same as NZ Motorway)
  • City: N/A (Tick "None" Checkbox)
  • Lock: Level 3 (Note: Auckland is Level 4)
  • Name: <SH xx>
Code WME Entry Client Display
<SH xx> SH 1 SH1 SH1.jpg

Major Highway

Waze Road Type Description Road Shield Examples
Major Highway Are roads named from SH 1 to SH 99 SH5 SH5.jpgSH3a SH3a.jpg
  • Road Type: Major
  • City: N/A (Tick "None" Checkbox)
  • Lock: Level 3 for State Hwy 1, Level 2 for all other Hwy's
  • Name: <SH xx>

Code WME Entry Client Display
<SH xx> SH 5

SH 1 - Clyde St

SH5 SH5.jpg
<SH xx> SH 3a SH3a SH3a.jpg

Minor Highway

Waze Road Type Description Road Shield Examples
Minor Highway Are Regional Routes SH72 SH72.jpg
  • Road Type: Minor
  • City: N/A (Tick "None" Checkbox)
  • Lock: Level 2
  • Name: <TR xxx>" - "<Name>
  • Name: <UR xxx>" - "<Name>

Note: Text to Speach for

 TR = Tourist Route
 UR = Urban Route 
Code WME Entry Client Display
<TR xx> <Name> TR 72 - Geraldine-Winchester Hwy SH72 SH72.jpg Geraldine-Winchester Hwy
<UR xx> <Name> UR 9 - Remuera Rd SH72 SH72.jpg Remuera Rd

Primary Street

Waze Road Type Description Road Shield Examples
Primary Street Main Roads, Regional Roads, Tourist Drives, Scenic Drives, etc that are not classified as highways. They connect suburbs and towns. N/A
  • Road Type: Primary
  • City: City Name
  • Name: Millwater Parkway
  • Lock: Level 2


Waze Road Type Description Road Shield Examples
Street Urban streets and rural roads not identified above. Use also when in doubt of proper street type. N/A
  • Road Type: Street
  • City: City Name
  • Name: Streetname according to postal adress
  • Lock: Level 1

Locking Roads

Guide for locking

Locking should be used sparingly and carefully.

A special note on locking:


When creating a new road in an area not yet mapped area and locking it to a level above 1, you also may choose to add just one short segment of an adjoining road (handle) to create the junction and allow a lower level editor to connect the surrounding streets later without being blocked from editing.

Motorway Carriageway Naming Convention

Whenever possible, on split roads, name carriageways with the direction of travel. Insert the direction of travel at the end of the road name:

State Hwy 1 South.jpg


SH 1
SH 10
SH 18

This makes traffic and incident reports much more useful and helps with navigation.

Exit and Entrance ramps (on/off ramps)

Exit 394 Whangarei via Orewa.jpg
Exit 424 B - Cook St - Google Maps.jpg
Exit 424 B C.jpg

For the best balance between information and screen real estate, the following conventions are used. All ramps will be set as the 'ramp' type in the Waze Map Editor and be locked at the same level as the freeway which joins to them. The name of the road, route number (if applicable) and compass direction (for entrance ramps) should all be added for clear guidance to be given when using the Waze app.

Exit ramps

  • If the exit sign shows a number as well as a street or highway name, the exit ramp should be named. The hyphen gets transferred to "to" in the TTS

"Exit 424 B: Cook St"

The hyphen gets transferred to "to" in the TTS (Text-to-Speech)

  • If the exit is not numbered,

"Exit: SH 50 - Hastings / Wellington"

  • If a single exit serves multiple roads, use a slash with leading and trailing spaces:

"Exit: SH 50 - Hastings / Wellington"

  • If an exit number contains one or more letters, include it exactly as displayed on the sign:

"Exit 424 B C: State Hwy 16 (E) - Cook St / Port"

  • Include everything that is present on the last sign prior to the exit. Do not combine all possible pre-ramp signage into the single ramp segment name.
  • If the exit off the main interstate or highway serves multiple exits further down the road, it may be advisable not to name the first exit ramp, to name only the ramps which are the first one to a distinct destination. The Waze client will give all the proper exit and keep left or right instructions to guide the driver to the correct exit, even if the first one is not named. That said, this should only be done if the signage for the first ramp is the same as that on the subsequent, named ramp.


Exit: SH 50 - Hastings / Wellington
Exit 394: Whangarei via Orewa
Exit 424 B: Cook St
Exit 398: Silverdale
Exit: Service Centre
Exit 424 B C: SH 16 (E) - Cook St / Port

Entrance ramps

For entrance ramps, use this format.


Entry: SH 1 (S) - Auckland 
Entry: SH 1 (N) - Whangarei
Entry: SH 18 - Mtwy (E) - North Shore

Wayfinder Segments

It may be necessary to provide additional information to a driver for complex or confusing Exits and SplitsMore details here.

Wayfinder Naming Examples

SH 1 - Auckland / Whangarei
SH 1 - Auckland (S)
Exit 424: B C D - SH 16 (E) and (W)
SH 1 (S) - Manukau / Hamilton


To aid navigation instructions, roundabouts should typically remain without a street name

  • City: enter either Primary City or tick "None"
  • Street: Tick "None"

- where the client comes across a segment with no name it will use the next named segment as the next named instruction whilst retaining any turn signals.

If the roundabout does have a proper, signposted name, then this can be labelled using a 'Junction/Intersection' type landmark that fills the centre of the roundabout.