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The Waze Philippines Community holds fairly frequent meetups, both official and unofficial, to talk about anything and everything Waze, or just to enjoy each others' company. Here is a brief timeline of all meetups held/attended by members of the community:


June 14, 2014: First Local Meetup
Venue: F1 Hotel, BGC

October 18-19, 2014: Baguio Roadtrip
Venue: The Arc, Baguio

Dec. 4, 2014: First Cebu Meetup
Venue: The Vue, Cebu Yacht Club


Jan. 19, 2015: Meetup for all Wazers
Venue: Gram's Diner, BGC

Jan. 27, 2015: Editors' Dinner
Venue: San Antonio Plaza, Makati

Feb. 6, 2105: Dinner and Drinks for all Wazers
Venue: Burger and Brewskies, BGC

March 13, 2015: Editors' Dinner and Drinks
Venue: Yakimix Prime; Chihuahua, BGC

March 28, 2015: Wazers' Meetup
Venue: Chihuahua, BGC

June 12, 2015: First Go-kart Meetup
Venue: CityKart Makati

July 2015: Meetings with Urban Land Institute

Sept. 4, 2015: Editors' Dinner
Venue: Puccini and Wildflour

Sept. 25, 2015: Second Go-kart Meetup
Venue: CityKart Makati

Dec. 4-6, 2015: First SEA Regional Meetup
Venue: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Dec. 30, 2015: Post-Christmas Meetup
Venue: Hanamaruken at The Grove


March 24, 2016: Holy Week at BGC
Venue: 'Cue BHS, Jamba Juice BHS

July 10, 2016: Editors' Dinner
Venue: Puccini

July 31, 2016: Meetup for all Wazers
Venue: Puccini

Dec. 8, 2016: Editors' Pre-regional Meetup Venue: Draft, Farmacy

Dec. 9-1, 2016: Second SEA Regional Meetup
Venue: Makati Shangri-la, Philippines


Feb. 5, 2017: Meetup for all Wazers
Venue: Puccini

March 24, 2017: Editors' Dinner
Venue: Tori Ichi, Slice, and Shangri-la at the Fort

March 30, 2017: Editors' Dinner and Drinks
Venue: Ooma BHS; Craft at the Fort Strip

April 15, 2017: Holy Week at Ayala at the 30th
Venue: Tori Ichi