Abbreviations and acronyms (South Africa)

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Standard Abbreviations

This is a locally derived list for South Africa. The Original list is at Abbreviations and acronyms. The full set of suffixes is not in use in South Africa. The 'Afrikaans Name' column is the generally used Afrikaans word for the Road Name. When verified as used for street names, the 'In Use' column will indicate that it is in use, and might contain a WME Permalink for the lesser spotted samples.
Only the English Road Name suffix 'Abbreviation' is acceptable and used for Waze naming. If a Road is named 'Witbos Alley' and it appears on the map with the Afrikaans name, e.g. 'Witbos Steeg', it should be renamed to 'Witbos Aly'.

  • Only suffixes should be abbreviated, not the Name, e.g. "Circle Rd", not "Cir Rd".
  • TTS Tested - Text To Speech test by US Editors
    • Yes : Tested with TTS
    • Untested : Not tested with TTS
    • Incompatible : Abbreviation is not supported by TTS
      • If flagged as incompatible, use the full suffix
  • WME TTS Test - Test result with 'English' TTS in WME
    • OK : Functional in WME
    • No : Not tested in WME TTS
    • Fail : Failed in WME TTS
      • TTS in Waze App will likely also fail. Use the full suffix.
  • Not here or not supported ? The "When in doubt, Spell it out" principle always apply.

Road Name Afrikaans Name Abbreviation TTS Tested In Use WME TTS Test
Alley Steeg Aly Yes Yes OK
Annex Anneks Anx Yes No Fail
Arcade Arkade Arc Yes No Fail
Avenue Laan Ave Yes Yes OK
Bayou Byu Yes No Fail
Beach Kus Bch Yes No OK
Beach Strand Bch Yes No OK
Bluff Hang Blf Yes No Fail
Bluffs Hange Blfs Untested No Fail
Bottom Bodem Btm Yes Fail
Bottom Boom Btm Yes Fail
Boulevard Rylaan Blvd Yes Yes OK
Branch Sypad Br Yes Fail (Bridge)
Branch Tak Br Yes Fail (Bridge)
Bridge Brug Brg Yes OK
Broadway Bdwy Untested Fail
Brook Spruit Brk Yes Fail
Brooks Spruite Brks Yes Fail
Burg Dorp Bg Incompatible Fail
Burg Stad Bg Incompatible Fail
Burgs Dorpe / Stede Bgs Untested Fail
Bypass Ompad Byp Yes OK
Camp Kamp Cp Yes Fail
Canyon Kloof Cyn Yes Fail
Cape Kaap Cpe Untested Fail
Causeway Spoelbrug Cswy Yes OK
Center Middel Ctr Yes OK
Center Spil Ctr Yes OK
Centers Ctrs Untested Fail
Chase Groef Chse Fail
Circle Sirkel Cir Yes Yes OK
Circles Sirkels Cirs Untested Fail
Cliff Krans Clf Untested Fail
Cliffs Kranse Clfs Untested Fail
Close Einde Cl Yes Fail
Close Slot Cl Yes Fail
Club Kierie Clb Yes Fail
Common Dorpsgrond Cmn Untested Fail
Commons Dorpsgronde Cmns Fail
Corner Hoek Cor Untested Yes Fail (Core)
Corners Hoeke Cors Untested Fail (Cores)
Course Baan Crse Yes Fail
Court Hof Ct Yes OK
Courts Howe Cts Untested Fail
Cove Baai Cv Incompatible Fail
Cove Inham Cv Incompatible Fail
Coves Baaie / Inhamme Cvs Untested Fail
Creek Spruit Crk Untested OK
Crescent Singel Cres Yes Yes OK
Crest Kop Crst Yes Fail
Crest Kruin Crst Yes Fail
Crossing Kruising Xing Yes OK
Crossroad Kruispad Xrd Yes Fail
Crossroads Kruispaaie Xrds Fail
Curve Kurwe Curv Yes OK
Dale Dal Dl Yes Fail
Dale Kom Dl Yes Fail
Dam Dam Dam Yes OK
Divide Skeiding Dv Incompatible Fail
Drive Rylaan Dr Yes OK
Drives Rylane Drs Untested Fail
Estate Landgoed Est Untested Fail (Est)
Estates Ests Untested Fail (Ests)
Expressway Expy Yes OK
Extension Verlenging Ext Yes OK
Extensions Exts Untested Fail
Fall Val Fall Untested OK
Falls Fls Yes Fail
Ferry Pont Fry Untested Fail (Fry)
Field Land Fld Untested Fail
Field Veld Fld Untested Fail
Fields Lande / Velde Flds Untested Fail
Flat Laagte Flt Yes Fail
Flats Laagtes Flts Untested Fail
Ford Drif Frd Untested Fail
Fords Drifte Frds Untested Fail
Forest Bos Frst Untested Fail
Forest Woud Frst Untested Fail
Forge Frg Untested Fail
Forges Frgs Untested Fail
Fork Vurk Frk Untested Fail
Forks Vurke Frks Untested Fail
Fort Fort Ft Yes Fail
Fort Skans Ft Yes Fail
Freeway Snelweg Fwy Yes OK
Garden Tuin Gdn Yes Fail
Gardens Tuine Gdns Yes Fail
Gateway Ingang Gtwy Yes Fail
Gateway Poort Gtwy Yes Fail
Glen Dal Gln Yes Fail
Glen Vlei Gln Yes Fail
Glens Dale / Vleie Glns Untested Fail
Green Veld Grn Yes Fail
Greens Velde Grns Untested Fail
Grove Bos Grv Yes OK
Groves Bosse Grvs Untested Fail
Harbor Hawe Hbr Yes Fail
Harbors Hawens Hbrs Untested Fail
Haven Toevlug Hvn Untested OK
Heights Hoogte Hts Yes OK
Highway Grootpad Hwy Yes OK
Highway Hoofweg Hwy Yes OK
Hill Heuwel Hl Yes Fail
Hill Rant Hl Yes Fail
Hills Heuwels / Rante Hls Yes Fail
Hollow Holte Holw Yes Fail
Hollow Laagte Holw Yes Fail
Inlet Ingang Inlt Yes Fail
Island Eiland Is Untested Fail
Islands Eilande Iss Untested Fail (I-esses)
Isle Eiland Il Yes Yes Fail (Ill)
Junction Verbinding Jctn Yes Fail
Junctions Verbindings Jctns Yes Fail
Key Key Yes OK
Keys Keys Yes OK
Knoll Bultjie Knl Yes Fail
Knolls Knls Yes Fail
Lake Meer Lk Untested OK
Lakes Mere Lks Untested Fail
Land Grond Land Untested OK
Landing Oorloop Lndg Yes OK
Lane Laan Ln Yes Yes OK
Light Lgt Yes Fail
Lights Lgts Yes Fail
Loaf Lf Yes Fail
Lock Insluiting Lck Yes Fail
Locks Lcks Yes Fail
Lodge Ldg Yes Fail
Loop Kring Loop Yes Yes OK
Mall Sentrum Mall Yes OK
Manor Landgoed Mnr Yes OK
Manors Mnrs Yes Fail
Meadow Weide Mdw Yes OK
Meadows Mdws Yes Fail
Mews Stalle Mews Yes OK
Template:H:title Myl Mile (Mi) Incompatible Yes Fail
Mill Meule Ml Untested Fail
Mills Meulens Mls Untested Fail
Mission Sending Msn Yes Fail
Motorway Mtwy Yes Fail
Mount Berg Mount Yes OK
Mount Berg Template:H:title Yes OK
Mountain Berg Mtn Yes OK
Mountains Berge Mtns Yes OK
Neck Nek Nck Yes Fail
Neck Pas Nck Yes Fail
Template:H:title Hoek(ie) Nook Untested Yes OK
Template:H:title Uithoek Nook Untested Yes OK
Orchard Boord Orch Yes Fail (Orc)
Oval Ovaal Oval Yes OK
Overlook Uitkyk Ovlk Fail
Overpass Opas Yes Fail (Opus)
Parade Parade Pde Yes Yes Fail
Park Park Pk Yes OK
Parks Parke Pks Yes Fail
Parkway Pky Yes Fail
Parkway Template:H:title Yes OK
Parkways Pkys Yes Fail
Parkways Template:H:title Yes OK
Pass Pas Pass Yes OK
Passage Deurgang Psge Yes OK
Path Pad Path Yes Yes OK
Pike Piek Pke Yes OK
Pine Pne Yes Fail
Pines Pnes Yes Fail
Place Oord Pl Yes Yes OK
Plain Vlakte Pln Untested Fail
Plains Vlaktes Plns Yes OK
Plaza Plein (Stadsplein) Plz Yes OK
Point Punt Pt Untested OK
Pointe Punt Pte Fail
Points Punte Pts Yes Fail
Pond Poel Pond OK
Port Hawe Prt Yes Fail
Ports Hawens Prts Yes Fail
Prairie Prêrie Prr Yes Fail
Radial Straal Radl Yes Fail (Rattle)
Ramp Helling Ramp Yes OK
Ranch Veeplaas Rnch Yes Fail
Rapid Versnelling Rpd Incompatible Fail
Rapids Versnellings Rpds Yes Fail
Rest Rus Rst Untested Fail
Ridge Rant Rdge Yes Fail
Ridges Rante Rdgs Untested Fail
Rise Hoogte Rise Untested OK
River Rivier Riv Yes Fail (Riv)
Road Weg Rd Yes OK
Roads Weë Rds Untested Fail
Route Roete Rte Yes OK
Row Ry Row Yes OK
Rue Wynruit Rue Yes OK
Run Gang Run Yes OK
Shoal Skool Shl Yes Fail
Shoals Sandbank Shls Yes Fail
Shore Kus Shr Yes Fail
Shores Kuste Shrs Yes Fail
Skyway Skwy Yes OK
Spring Fontein Spg Yes Fail
Springs Fonteine Spgs Yes OK
Spur Uitloper Spur Untested OK
Spurs Uitlopers Spurs OK
Square Plein Sq Yes Yes OK
Square Vierkant Sq Yes OK
Squares Pleine / Vierkante Sqs Yes Fail
Station Stasie Sta Yes OK
Stravenue Stra Fail (Strah)
Stream Stroom Strm Yes Fail
Street Straat St Yes OK
Streets Strate Sts Yes OK
Summit Piek Smt Yes Fail
Terrace Terras Ter Yes OK
Throughway Deurgang Thwy Yes OK
Trace Spoor Trce Yes OK
Track Baan Trak Yes OK
Trafficway Trfy Yes Fail
Trail Spoor Trl Yes OK
Trailer Trlr Fail
Tunnel Tonnel Tunl Yes OK
Template:H:title Draai Turn Untested Yes OK
Turnpike Draaihek Tpk Yes OK
Turnpike Tolhek Tpk Yes OK
Underpass Upas Yes Fail (Upis)
Union Unie Un Untested Fail (Un-)
Unions Unies Uns Yes Fail (UNs)
Valley Vallei Vly Yes OK
Valleys Valleie Vlys Yes Fail (VLWise)
Viaduct Viaduk Vdct Yes Fail
View Uitsig Vw Yes Fail
Views Uitsigte Vws Yes Fail
Village Dorp Vlg Yes Fail
Villages Dorpe Vlgs Yes Fail
Ville Vl Untested Fail
Vista Uitsig Vis Yes Fail (Vis)
Walk Wandellaan Walk Yes OK
Walks Walks OK
Wall Muur Wall Yes OK
Waters Waters Wtr Untested Fail
Way Weg Way Yes Yes OK
Ways Wee Ways Yes OK
Well Put Wl Yes Fail
Wells Putte Wls Yes Fail
Wharf Kaai Whf Fail
Wharf Werf Whf Fail

Some interesting trivia about road name suffixes can be found in this Wikipedia article.