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Road Classification

Here you can find the assignment and designation of roads and cities in Switzerland.

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  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, everybody is welcome.
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Map Legend Switzerland

Here you can find the Map Legend Switzerland with informations on signage and the individual segments.

Road Categories


  • Freeway => Freeways in Switzerland
  • Major Highway => Express roads which are not freeways
  • Minor Highway => Numbered main streets, max. two digits.
  • Ramps => Entrance and exit to freeways


  • Primary Street => Main streets with yellow roadshield
  • Street => Roads or secondary roads
  • Service Road => Are not used in CH. -> Merged in 2014 with road category 'street'.

Other - drivable

  • Dirt Roads/4x4 Trails => Gravel roads, field roads (agriculture and forestry), forest roads.
  • Parking Lot Road => All types of parking lots
  • Private Road => Private roads


  • Walking Trails => Walking trails
  • Pedestrian Boardwalk => Pedestrian walkways, boardwalks, all kind of riverside walks
  • Stairway => Stairways
  • Railroad => Railroads
  • Runway/Taxiway => Runways/taxiways
    (This is here for completeness. It makes no sense to equip all airports with these, Landmark (Airport) is quite sufficient!)


Assignment of the main and secondary roads:

  • Please pay attention to the signage.
    • Blue signpost, blue town sign, white/yellow square sign (main road) => Primary Street
    • White signpost, white town sign (secondary road) => Street

Road naming


Freeway => Freeway

  • Naming: A1, A2, A3 - E60...

Express roads

Major Highway => Express roads

  • Naming A1L, A52...

National main streets

Minor Highway => National main streets with a number, max. two digits.

  • Inner city: Streetname and "Alt Street" N1, N2...
  • Outer city: If there is no streetname: N1, N2...

If a National main street is leading over a freeway the name of the freeway and "Alt Street" N1, N2...

Numbered main streets

Minor Highway => National-, and numbered main streets, max. two digits.

  • Inner city: Streetname and "Alt Street" H1, H2...
  • Outer city: If there is no streetname: H1, H2...

Please note: there are two different kind of numbered main roads in Switzerland! The N-type is mostly not in use anymore or is leading over the freeways.

Exit ramps and Entrance ramps

Ramps => Ramps to and from freeways
Designation referred to the names on the signs of the entrances and exits.

The ">" is spoken by TTS as "Richtung" which means "direction to"

  • Ausfahrt Zürich Flughafen
  • Ausfahrt Bülach-Nord


  • Einfahrt > Basel Bern Luzern
  • Einfahrt > Zürich Dietikon

  • AusfahrtWegweiser.png Ausfahrt Niederbipp Langenthal

  • WegweiserAutobahn.png Einfahrt > Basel

Freeway intersections

Freeway intersections and exits, should be labelled with a landmark. The landmark should be kept tight to the road system to ensure a tidy transfer to the client. The landmark should be named with the number and the name of the intersection.
Type is: "Junction/Interchange".

Example: "17 Frick"

  • Frick.png

Example: "8 Liestal"

  • Augst.png


Streetnames according to the name on the road sign.


Make sure that a city name is unique and assign only names which have an on zip code! We have a list of all valid citynames here: Ortsliste Schweiz


  • List of all freeways [1]
  • List of all express roads (Major Highway)[2]
  • List of all national main roads (Freeways/Minor Highways) [3]
  • List of numbered main roads (Minor Highway) [4]

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