Editing more than one road

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You can select more than one segment by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on each segment in turn.

If you edit the details for multiple segments, the dialog box shows the common values for the select roads. If all the segments are from the same city, that city name will be displayed. If all the roads are two-way, then the two-way option will be displayed.

If the road properties in the Edit area are different, then the displayed value will be blank. If you leave it blank, the setting for each segment will not change. This allows you to, for example, change the city name for many roads, while leaving their street name or directionality unchanged.

If the road properties for Road Type, Direction, or Elevation are different, the box will display "multiple". If that box is left alone, it will not be altered for each segment. If that box setting is changed, it will change all the selected segments to the one setting.