Email Waze with your problem

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  • The Wiki you are using now, has a large amount of information on the overall operation of Waze. Try searching for your question in different ways
  • When you cannot find it in the Wiki, most questions can be answered through our very active user community in the forums
  • Also try asking your question in the automated Waze support at the top of the support page
  • If you don't get an appropriate answer, you can use the link Ask an Agent by: Email
  • You may only receive a basic response, but in most cases you will get a comprehensive and complete solution to your question
  • Make sure to include your Waze username, your phone model and the Waze app version number
  • If the question is about a location on the map include a permalink to the area
  • Screenshots can be very useful
    • iPhone: hold down the Wake (top button) and Home buttons at the same time until the screen flashes
    • Android: hold down the back and Home buttons together momentarily
  • Please describe what you expect to happen, and what actually happened
  • Can you reproduce the problem? Can you describe the steps you took to reproduce the problem? That way the Waze developers can reproduce the problem too, and know when it is fixed