Cartouche Changelog (obsolete) Discussion History

This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

Web Server and Cartouche Client v1.3.1 "White-spotted Snake" - 10 March 2010


  1. Area managers - pending deletion roads bug fix
  2. Delete node & Bridge options removed (use remove junction instead)
  3. Points awarded for all turn restriction changes
  4. Remove node - fixes for some two-way road bugs
  5. Tweets in German and French (if your app is set to these languages)
  6. In France & Germany any user can name a blank road and change non-geom properties (since we have a grid there now)

Web Server and Cartouche Client v1.3 "White-spotted Snake" - 07 March 2010


  1. Roundabouts bug fixes
  2. Pending update requests menu for area managers
  3. Disable turning into a roundabout a node that is the center of a roundabout
  4. Remove junction on a four-way junction (will replace bridging eventually)
  5. Return menus minimize
  6. Separate add/remove node to add & remove individual tools

Quite a small release bug and feature -wise since most of it consists of internal architecture changes.

Cartouche Client v1.2 "Gorge-Leaping Tiger" - 21 Feb 2010


  1. Roundabouts - connect a road to an existing roundabout in a correct way
  2. Add / remove junction tool (replaced 'split road')
  3. Buzz Section in About
  4. Cartouche IExplorer find panel position bug - fixed
  5. Cartouche faster load time
  6. Cartouche UI improvements

Cartouche 1.1 "Miraculous Strategist" - 13 Feb 2010


  1. Rewrite of 'separate road' (used to be 'split road to two one way') with better support for road placement and left hand traffic countries
  2. Forum feed missing user name & IE support - fixed
  3. Make roundabout creation using the split function - to prevent double arc bug
  4. Update multiple streets erases street name - fixed
  5. Map problems refresh - fixed
  6. Cartouche IE initial Support - works but needs more testing
  7. GPX file with timestamp only (no x,y) - fixed
  8. Bridging function also allowed by driving area