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The Maine Department of Transportation maintains a GIS map of all principle roads in the state. This map should be treated as the definitive source for all Federal Functional Classification of roads and, therefore, of their Waze road type. MaineDOT does not uniformly map roads that are not subject to state or federal funding, which detail should be developed from town maps, satellite imagery, and user reports.

The Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems also maintains a parcel-level GIS map. This latter mapped is helpfully linked from the WME GIS script.

Maine has also assembled all the tax maps of every organized town and the unorganized areas into two .KML files for use with Google Earth and GIS Shapefiles:

The level of detail in these files varies from town to town, but often includes street addresses.

The Maine Cities and Towns page links to known town-specific mapping resources, including where available GIS maps, tax maps, and tax commitment books. Please add to that page when you find a new resource.