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General tasks

Primary issues for maintaining the road network

  • Remove unneeded junction nodes (those not at intersections, or separating segments with different properties, i.e. city-name, street name, speed limit, elevation, allowed U-turns, or splitting a segment which is over 10km long).
  • Remove excess geometry nodes (those which are not changing the geometry of a segment). When the geometry node is very near the end of a segment double check while zoomed-in to see if the geometry node is actually changing the turn angle.
  • Inspect and correct connectivity of necessary junctions.
    • A great resource for locating, and learning how to fix connectivity, and many other issues is the WME Validator script, and the NY Localization Package for WME Validator. All active editors should have this amazing script. Just be careful, WME Validator highlights POTENTIAL problems, not everything which is highlighted needs to be fixed.
  • Update the road network "Street Types" to match FC, for more information see FC update info
  • Update all segment "Street Names" in accordance with the guidelines in the Road Names (USA) wiki article, and the New York State specific guidelines.
  • Inspect and correct overpasses/underpasses to ensure that the segments are on different levels, and do not have a junction node where they meet.
  • Ensure that any roads crossing at the same elevation level have a junction node connecting them.

See New York/To do for a list of editing projects in New York State, and to track and update their statuses.