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Here are a few other things to be aware of when editing in RI.

Handling Update Requests (URs)

Rhode Island has adopted a 1/4/10 day schedule when responding to Update Requests.

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New URs should be responded to as soon as possible. If the solution is obvious, then fix the issue, leave a comment, and close out the report as "Solved". Otherwise, if there's ANY ambiguity to the problem, then leave a comment asking for further clarification. This starts the UR response clock.

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If the reporter hasn't responded within 4 days of your initial comment, then leave a gentle reminder to the reporter that you will close the report soon if you don't get a response.

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If the reporter does respond to your initial comment, then the response clock starts over as you continue the conversation.

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If the reporter still hasn't responded after 10 days, then leave a comment letting them know that you're closing the issue, and close the report as "Not identified".

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If you come across a UR that is older than 10 days that has not been touched by another editor (common in more rural areas), apologize for the late response and see if the reporter still remembers anything about the problem. If they can't, or they don't respond after 4 days, close the report as "Not identified".

Other things to remember about handling URs:

  • Keep responses short; some folks might be responding in the Waze app and reading long responses can be a pain!
  • You should always leave a comment on a UR, even if you're just closing out old reports.
  • Plugins such as URO+, UR Comments, and UR-MP Tracking can make responding to URs much easier. Check them out!
  • Be sure to review the Wiki documentation on Handling Update Requests, especially the section about Response Etiquette.

Speed Limits

Speed Limit 70.png

Rhode Island follows the USA standard for speed limits. Do not deviate from the guidelines without first obtaining consensus to do so via the state forum linked on this page.

While Rhode Island does not have any specific laws concerning speed limits (other than not exceeding them), we've decided to mark the speed limits at the sign. This means that, wherever there is a regulatory speed limit sign, the segment should be split at that point and the new speed limit marked on the new segment just beyond the sign, as specified in the national standard.

Also, though Rhode Island does define default speed limits for "business or residence districts" (25mph), speed limits should only be set on a segment if there is an enforceable speed limit sign somewhere on that road. Do NOT set default speed limits on roads with no speed limit signs, as this could cause confusion among drivers.