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What goes here

  1. List things that Waze staff have posted that is important to them, that they are aware of is a problem, and they are working on.
  2. List a few things that they have announced have recently been achieved (so achievement doesn't mean it just disappears from the list)


  1. keep the Waze staff honest. Just a little nagging reminder of what they promised and to show that it is not forgotten
  2. it's pretty much impossible to keep track of what Waze staff say in the forums. People keep asking the same questions. So it also serves to reassure wazers that their issue has not been forgotten and is still being addresses or at least on the to-do list
  3. because of this, this list shouldn't be thought of as complete. But we can try
  4. the ordering is based on the impression of importance based on the wordings of waze staff, the frequency, timing and age of comments on the topic and a perceived importance of the issue. So there is some subjectivity
  5. there is a hope that Waze staff might eventually take a hand in maintaining and contributing to this section of the wiki, especially if it becomes inaccurate
  6. And if we see a Waze staffer remove something from the list without achieving it, that would be worth noting too