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Last updated Mar 22 2016 to work with Waze v4.

Download schema (Google Drive) (Extract and copy ALL contents to /waze/skins/default/day/8/

An updated Map Editors schema, to replace daytime skin #8. A WME lookalike skin that uses the new (October 2015) road colors and styles.

Known technical restrictions:

  • Places can no longer be drawn with outlines.
  • Places can no longer have transparency.
  • Cities are not drawn, only labeled.

What's new (22 Mar 2016):

  • Recoded the entire skin to work with Waze v4. (The previous version had a very "gothic" look in Waze v4.)
  • Private roads and parking lots are now displayed in tan and gray, respectively.
  • Street-class, private-class, and parking-lot-class road names are now properly displayed as black-on-white.
  • Place names are now displayed on white to improve readability.
  • Fixed an issue where highways and freeways were the old WME shades instead of the new ones when zoomed out.

(11 Oct 2015):

  • Updated to match the latest color revision. Most notably, primaries are now a bold yellow and freeways are now pink.
  • Colors sampled from the WME to produce more accurate coloring. Colors may appear darker on your mobile device.
  • Fixed an issue where dirt roads, paths, and walkways were not hidden when zoomed out.

(28 Jul 2015):

  • Adopted WMECH colors, so water places are blue and park places are green.

Map Editors 2015.png
This skin uses multiple files.