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IMPORTANT: When adding a new place, editing an existing one, or working a Place Update Request (PUR), please be sure to zoom in before you begin to work. Ensure that the place in the correct location and position. Verify that the place address matches what is advertised (most likely the USPS address). Run a web search to check that the information is correct. Use the WME Place Harmonizer script to ensure that all necessary information is entered. Remember, we want to make sure that Waze provides the best experience possible for our drivers. Arriving at one's destination quickly and efficiently after searching and selecting a place through the app is extremely important!

SER follows the national guidance for Places with some exceptions.

Do Not Map these Places

In SER, we do NOT map the following places in exception to the national guidance. Any deviations to these will be locked to L5 or above. (There are some mapped rivers requested by Waze staff. This is NOT the standard.)

  • Junctions / Interchanges
  • Water (of all kinds) including but not limited to: Pool, Canal, River / Stream, Sea / Lake / Pond, Swamp / Marsh
  • Islands
  • Beaches
  • Toll Plazas

Area or Point

The following places are mapped as Area Places (APs) or Point Places (PPs) contrary to national guidance:

  • City Hall is an AP
  • Courthouse
  • Government is an AP
  • Library is an AP
  • Post Office is an AP
  • Car Dealership is always a PP
  • Museum is an AP
  • Campgrounds / RV Parks are always PPs
  • Sports court is an AP

Category Selection

Some places do not fall into a clear category. Below, we have provided a list of places which we receive regular questions about. If you believe a business type should be added, please use this form to submit your idea and the missing information and to the moderator that you have requested more information.

Category Sheet

View this list full-screen in Google Sheets

Place Lock Standards

Lock Places to the standards below, only after ALL data fields have been filled. (If you are unable to find hours, it is okay to omit them.) For gas stations - DO NOT USE THE BRAND "UNBRANDED". If the gas station does not identify the brand of gas, leave the brand field blank.

Lock at level 5: Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Universities, Park and Ride lots, Arenas, and Airports.

Lock at level 3: Any other Place which has, at a minimum, a a) correct name, b) complete and correct address, and c) correct category. An RPP with a complete, correct, and routable address should also be locked to level 3.

If you are unable to lock a Place to the correct level, please be sure to do the following. lock as high as you can, and post in the USA Unlock Forum to get help from a higher-ranked editor to lock properly or use the unlock channel on the Southeast Discord server.