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Speed Limits

Now that the Speed Limit fields are in Waze Map Editor and speed limits are live in the app for Kentucky, we should use every opportunity to fill in this information. For more information on entering speed limits you can visit the Speed Limits wiki.

Note: Speed limits may be lowered in construction/work zones if those limits appear on regulatory black and white signs, and should be changed in WME. Generally, only speed limits for long-term projects should be changed on the map. These changes should be tracked with this spreadsheet.

Speed Limits on Streets

Kentucky has speed limits entered for all Freeways, Major Highways, Minor Highways, and Primary Streets in the state. This helps drivers for the majority of trips, but to be complete all Streets need to have speed limits added as well. Use these steps to add speed limits to Streets:

  1. Utilize street view inside Waze Map Editor to add missing speed limits for Streets.
  2. If street view is not available, consult the Kentucky County/City Speed Limit Resources spreadsheet.
    1. Search for a speed limit for a particular road in the local resources for the city or county
    2. If the road is not explicitly listed and the city or county has a default speed limit, add that.
  3. If none of the above apply to the road, leave the speed limit blank.
  4. (Optional) Driving roads to submit speed limit update requests is acceptable, however, editors will not be asked to do so and will only be done on a voluntary basis.

To locate road segments with missing speed limits, refer to the maps linked by county name in the Kentucky County/City Speed Limit Resources spreadsheet. As you add missing speed limits, please delete the pin on the map for each respective road segment.

Not every city and county has information yet on the Kentucky County/City Speed Limit Resources spreadsheet. More information is needed for many localities. If you can research and contribute to city and county speed limit information, contact a State Manager for editing rights to the spreadsheet.