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Preferred and unpreferred routing
Routing Road Type.png

Editors with a rank 4 or higher will have access to a special selector that can adjust the relative preference of a road up or down one level. For example, a road that is listed as a functional class of primary street can be set to act like a minor highway to the routing server, yet keep it's visual appearance on the map as a primary street.

This setting is available for:

  •  Freeway 
  •  Major Highway 
  •  Minor Highway 
  •  Primary Street 
  •  Street 

The setting options are:

  • One type higher
  • Unchanged
  • One type lower

There are two special conditions with the above combinations. The local street cannot be set lower and the freeway defaults to a setting of one level higher as its default state. It cannot be set to unchanged but can be set to one type lower.

Road type adjusted.PNG

For editors with a rank less than 4, this section is not available, however when it is set, a small message will be displayed below the road type selector stating that the road is treated as a type higher or lower for routing purposes. When that is true, some edits cannot be saved by the editor even if the lock rank is less than the editor rank. These edits involve anything that changes the segment's ID or routing. Therefore the segment cannot accept a new junction that breaks the segment into two separate segments or the road type cannot be changed. A rank 4 or higher editor will need to make that adjustment.