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NPS Road Classes

For purposes of functional classification, the routes which make up a park road system are grouped based on use into three categories: Public Use Park Roads, Administrative Park Roads, and Urban Parkways and City Streets. Note that federal or state roads may exist within National Park System lands. This section only refers to the roads that are maintained by the NPS.

The assignment of a functional classification to a park road is not based on traffic volumes or design speed, but on the intended use or function of that particular road or route.

Name Waze
Road Treatment
Principal Park Road, Rural Parkway  Primary Street 
Roads which constitute the main access route, circulatory tour, or thoroughfare for park visitors.
Connector Park Road  Street  Roads which provide access within a park to areas of scenic, scientific, recreational or cultural interest, such as overlooks, campgrounds, etc.
Special Purpose Park Road  Street  Roads which provide circulation within public use areas, such as campgrounds, picnic areas, visitor center complexes, concessioneer facilities, etc. These roads generally serve low·speed traffic and are often designed for one-way circulation.
Primitive Park Road  Off-road / Not maintained  Roads which provide circulation through remote areas and access to primitive campgrounds and undeveloped areas. These roads frequently have no minimum design standards and their use may be limited to specially equipped vehicles.
Administrative Access Road  Private Road  All public roads intended for access to administrative developments or structures such as park offices, employee quarters, or utility areas.
Restricted Roads  Private Road  All roads normally closed to the public, including patrol roads, truck trails, and other similar roads.

* Use the "unpaved" attribute checkbox for any roads that lack solid pavement.

The following diagram provides examples of where these road classes might be located in a typical National Park setting.

National Park Service Road Classification2.png