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This new page is currently undergoing modifications. The information presented should be considered a draft, not yet ready for use. Content is being prepared by one or more users. Do not make any changes before you post a message in this forum.

Proposed Change List:

    • Key
      • Green for Content Update Recommendation
      • Blue for Imagery Update Recommendation
      • Red for Overhaul Recommendation
  1. Map editor layout (2.) -- Needs new image to show updated GUI and comment about scripts
    1. This guide will explain the layout of the WME. Scripts may change the layout and will not be covered here. There are five main areas of the Map Editor:
  2. Map editor toolbar (2.1.) - Add comment about containing user profile
    1. “At the top of the Waze Map Editor you will see the main toolbar. It includes the primary control buttons for the editor as well as the me tab.”
  3. Map editor toolbar (2.1.) - Needs new image to show updated GUI
  4. Map editor toolbar (2.1.) - Move “Me Tab” Here (Me tab (2.2.3)), change language to represent current layout
    1. See Below (Me tab)
  5. Draw places menu (2.1.4.) - Change language around the ability to have multiple entry spots
    1. See Below (Draw places menu)
  6. Draw segments menu (2.1.5.) - Merge options, shortcuts, and description
    1. See below (Draw segments menu)
  7. Undo button (2.1.7) - Image needs update
  8. Redo button (2.1.8) - Image needs update
  9. Delete button (2.1.9) - Add language that a place cannot be changed and then deleted in the same batch of saves, it cases a save error
    1. Deleting a place object after making changes to the same place will cause a save error.
  10. Layers (2.1.10) - Layer option images needs updated
  11. Layers (2.1.10) - Places could maybe use a better picture that more easily displays the place marker
  12. Layers (2.1.10) - Roads subcategory are now called segments
  13. Layers (2.1.10) - Redo section to go through each category and subcategory; See below (Layers)
  14. Refresh Button (2.1.11) - Missing Completely
    1. See below (Refresh)
  15. Left pane (2.2) - minor adjustment
    1. At the left side of the window, below your usernamethe toolbar, is an area which is both informational and functional. Different tabs or single panes of information are displayed in this area based on whether an object is selected, the type of object and how many, which enable you to view and edit details of objects.
  16. Left pane (2.2) - missing explanation of feed tab
    1. See below (Feed tab)
  17. Server shortcut and snapshot (2.2.1) - minor adjustments
    1. Directly above your user nameBelow the toolbar is an area that may include a special link and selector depending upon your rank.
    2. Above your nameBelow the toolbar to the left, you may be able to see a selector to the 3 different map editor server platforms. This link is the same as the one in the settings for selecting your country server. Because most editors have no reason to change this setting, it is not brought out to this level for lower rank editors (below rank 4).
    3. Above your nameBelow the toolbar to the right, you may be able to see a link to Enter Snapshot Mode. This link is only available to rank 4 and higher editors. By pressing this link, the main editor screen will revert all displayed street segments to the last view immediately after the last tile update. This can be helpful for editors to assist junior editors who may have made changes recently (before the next tile update) and are not sure what it looked like before they made the changes. The senior editor is able to view the original map before their changes and reset the map to the prior update if needed.
  18. No object selected (2.2.2) - needs to be updated to reflect new changes and needs new image
    1. When no objects are selected on the map, the Tabs Area displays user information based on which tab is selected. The top section greets you by name and is always visible regardless of what is showing or displayed on the map. Map Problems and Update Requests are not considered map objects, so the tabs below your name will display when a Map Problem or Update Request is selected. The tabs available are the feed tab, the drives tab, the area tab, and the settings tab.
  19. No object selected (2.2.2) - needs new image
  20. Areas tab (2.2.5) - needs new image, and content updates
    1. This shows the entire editable area -- the area in which you can perform edits. Click on your editable area. The view will be centered on the editable area. If your editable area is spread out, in several sections, it may be centered between areas you can edit. Hovering over the 'i' bubble will allow a short information box to appear telling you about your editing permission levels (i.e. Level 2 can edit two miles around drives).
  21. One or more segments selected (2.2.7) - address box should be beneath general tab
  22. Camera selected (2.2.8) - needs new image

Me tab

WME username level.png

The Me tab displays your map editing permission level and current points for the server on which you are editing (North America or World). The icon present on the me tab changes with your editing rank. To the right of the icon will be your editing rank as well as username and email. Below is the current amount of points, edits, and forum posts.

Level 1 Editor
Level 2 Editor
Level 3 Editor
Level 4 Editor
Level 5 Editor
Level 6 Editor

Draw places menu

WME placemenu 2018.png
Hover over this button to show place categories. Hover over the place category you want, then choose the point Wme placepoint 2018.png or area Wme placearea 2018.png button to add the place. Use the left pane to change information about the place. For an area place, use geometry nodes of the place to change its shape. For an area place or a point place, set the Entry-Exit Point(s)Entry-Exit Point using the menu. Wme entry-exit point 2018.png

NOTE: At this point in time we can only set one Entry Point for a given place. A future update may allow more than one Entry Point to be entered.

Draw segments menu

Hover over this button Wme roadsmenu 2018.png to choose between road types:

View this page on how to not create red roads (segments with incomplete information).

Wme singlesegment 2018.pngWme ped-path 2018.pngWme roundabout 2018.pngWme camera 2018.pngWme junctionbox 2018.png

Shortcut keys: I, O or J

  • I (a straight segment)- Road. Click on the map to start. Click to add a geometry point. Double click to end.
  • Pedestrian path. Click on the map to start. Click to add a geometry point. Double click to end.
  • O (a circle)- Roundabout. Click on the map at the center of the roundabout. Drag a circle of the correct size. Click to end the roundabout.
  • Camera. Click on the map where the camera is to be located. See Enforcement Cameras for editing instructions.
  • J Junction box. Click on the map to start. Click to add vertices for the box. Double click to end. After creation, the shape of a junction box cannot be adjusted.

See the Editing Manual Quick Start Guide for more information.


  • Need Image
  • The refresh button causes a soft refresh in WME. This will reload most of the information on the map display area (excluding: satellite imagery, GPS points, editable area, live users, disabled turns, and cities). If information on the map is not displaying correctly, attempt a soft refresh with the refresh button first. The refresh will clear any selection made. The refresh button is disabled when there are any unsaved changes.


Layer List
Expanded Layer List

Wme-layers-2018.PNG There is a second drop down menu for layers, which can be accessed by clicking the "More options" link at the top of the first drop down menu. Return by clicking the "Less options" link. When the box next to the layer name is checked, then that layer is active and being displayed. There is a default shortcut key defined for each layer, and to make it easy to remember, with two exceptions: The shortcut is Shift+X (first letter of the layer name). The two exceptions are the satellite/aerial imagery, which uses the letter I as the shortcut key for Imagery, and Places which uses the letter L because it was previously called Landmarks.

There are expanded options for the layers as well. As shown at the bottom of this section.



Problem pin open-low.png
Problem pin open-med.png Problem pin open-high.png Problem pin not-identified.png Shortcut key: no default

The Waze servers are constantly analyzing driver's GPS tracks to determine when there might be a problem with the map and uses the Problems layer to alert the editors. Some types of problems tracked are missing roads, incorrect turns allowed at intersection, wrong direction of road, missing parking lot places, and reports from Waze reporting partners.

You can toggle visibility of closed Map Problems by using the "Show/Hide closed" link next to the Map Problems text.

See Map problems for more information.

Updated requests:

Request pin open-low.png
Request pin open conversation-med.png Request pin open-high.pngRequest pin solved conversation.png Shortcut key: Shift+U

These are user-submitted map issues while on the road or from LiveMap. This marker shows the location the user reported the issue from. The user's driven route for a distance before and after the reported location will be shown in bright green. If Waze was in navigation mode at the time of the report, then the requested route for a distance before and after the reported location will be shown in purple, with markers along the route with the turn direction given to the user.

You can toggle visibility of closed Update Requests by using the "Show/Hide closed" link next to the Update Requests text when the "More Detail" expanded layer view is shown.

See Update requests for more information.

Parking Lots
Junction Boxes
Speed Cameras
Satellite imagery
Area managers
GPS points
Editable areas
Live users
Disallowed turns
Map comments

Feed tab

Under construction