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Lock level

There are 7 locking levels for objects (1 through 6 and Staff). The locking levels correspond to the editor's rank measured by their editing rank on their statistics window. The objects can be road segments, junction boxes, enforcement camera, map comments, or places (point place, area place, or residential point places)

An unlocked object has a lock rank of 1 and can be edited by any editor rank. Objects can be locked at any rank up to and including the rank of the adjusting editor. Editing an object requires the lock rank of that object be equal to or less than the rank of the editor. A Staff locked object cannot be modified by any editor and requires a special unlock request process discussed below. Some objects are locked to levels by certain attributes as discussed below.

Segment lock

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A segment may be locked either manually or automatically. This process ensures more important roads and highways are not accidentally altered by less experienced editors (unless assisted by a more experienced editor to provide an unlock and to check the work prior to relocking the segment(s)).

A lock on a segment restricts:

  1. Segment editing ability (name changes, node changes, adding junctions, adding/editing house numbers or speed limits, etc.)
  2. Automatic adjustments (changes made by the server when it identifies problems in the map).

Manual segment lock

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In the past, some segments were locked for other reasons that no longer exist, but the segments do not get unlocked unless they are edited again and an editor lowers the lock level. An example would be there was a configuration change that did not have GPS traces or updated aerial/street view photos. The road segment(s) might have been raised to prevent tampering by a well meaning but unknowing editor, who would undo the correct configuration.

Also, in the early days of WME there was a problem where locked segments would follow the rank of the last editor who touched them and, as the editor increased in rank, the segment would increase in lock level. This is no longer the case, but there are some segments that previously increased in lock level and have remained high for no apparent reason. These segments can be reduced in lock level as needed.

Road closure / real time closure lock

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When a road is closed through WME by a real time closure, it cannot be edited by any rank editor until the closure(s) is removed.

Currently, only rank 3 editors or above can affect road closures. For situations that require an adjustment be made before the closure has ended, the rank 3+ editor can copy down all the relevant closure information, remove the closure, make the change to the segment, and then return the closure information. If the segment is locked above the editor's rank then they should use the procedure for unlocking objects above their rank covered below to have the road lowered to their rank, if allowed by the local policies. If there already is a real time closure on the segment locked above their editing ability, then the closure must be removed by the senior editor prior to being able to unlock the segment.

Edits that change the road segment's identification number, ex. connecting another road segment to the existing segment not at an existing junction node, will prevent reinstalling the real time closure. Therefore edits of these types should be avoided if possible.

Enforcement camera lock

When an editor approves a tracked enforcement camera (speed or red light), the camera is locked at that editor's rank. An editor with a lower rank may not change / delete the camera; the camera cannot have the lock level lowered.

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Automatic segment lock

There are several different automated locks that may affect a segment.

Road segment attribute lock

Routing preference and headlights required attributes lock aspects of that road segment to 4 by default; these lock levels can be raised by a higher ranked editor. Editors of 4 (or higher if the road segment's lock level is raised above the default) must remove the routing preference or headlights required attribute and if necessary lower the lock level for a junior editor to edit the segment.

New city name lock

Creating a new city name in a state is locked to 4. Please ask a 4 or above editor so "seed" the new city name for use.

If the new city name is replacing all of the segments with a superseded name then contact a Country Manager or Champ to conduct a new city name replacement on applicable segments and addresses within places (point places, area places, and residential point places).

Editor rank lock

Rank 1 and 2 editors have a few additional locks associated with their rank. For restrictions that are based on a "day"; the day resets at 0000 UTC.

Rank 1 locks
  • Cannot delete a segment unless they were the segment's creator
    • Rank 1 editors can still merge two segments to create one new segment, since this is not considered deleting the two original segments
  • Cannot set difficult turns
  • Cannot close a Update Request (UR), unless they were the reporter
  • Cannot add an external provider to a point or area place
  • Can only change the name on 30 road segments a day
    • Each "Street" name change, whether primary or alternate name, is considered as a separate change. Changing the primary and alternate name on a single road segment counts as two changes towards the daily limit.
Rank 2 locks
  • Cannot create difficult turns
  • Limited to deleting 10 road segments a day
    • Deleting segments that they created is not limited, but does count toward the limit. Ex. Rank 2 editor can delete 2 road segments created by another editor and then 8 segments that he/she created. The editor can continue deleting segments only if they were the creator. They cannot delete any other segments created by another editor until the next day.