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Since Production App version 44 is out and removed name inheritence on Parking lot roads, this Navigation instructions for unnamed segments page needs to be updated.

Proposed changes:

1) Page's first paragraph: Change "However, this can be confusing in other areas, like large parking lots without road names" to "However, this can be confusing if there are several unnamed road segments (other than  Parking Lot Roads ), without road names. The user would get several turn left/right to the first named road."

2) Conditions for application section:

  1. after the This always works for  Freeways  and  Ramps . add a new sentence: This never works for  Parking Lot Roads 
  2. As of October 2018, on all other road types (any road type which is not a freeway, ramp or parking lot road), this feature only works if
  3. Remove the capitalization of NOT to be Waze will not show or speak a name in the instructions

3) Delete the "Parking lot with unnamed roads" section and associated picture.