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  • Routing Road Type - Choices of -1, Neutral, +1 (Level 4 required). Raises or lowers the road type used in the routing server calculations. Only applicable to  Local Street ,  Primary Street ,  Minor Highway ,  Major Highway , and  Freeway .  Local Street  can only be raised (+1) since already the lowest priority of the main routable road types. Similarly  Freeway  can only be lowered (-1) since already the highest priority of the main routable road types. Note  Freeway  is automatically given +1 routing preference by WME after a segment is saved; but it has no effect since  Freeway  is already the highest priority. Selecting this attribute locks the segment(s) for some editing attributes unless the editor is R4+. Should only be used with concurrence of the State Managers. Recommend having a map comment explaining why the preference is changed.