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Difficult turn

Remove the caution

As of May 2016, the difficult turn box is a 24 hour every day setting and not related to any other time-based restriction. That may be something available in the future but not at this time.

Add at the end of the current DT section

Consult with your State Manager to see if there is any criteria for when to add a difficult turn. Overuse of difficult turns will significantly affect routing. Entering difficult turns on every left turn along a stretch of the road negates the attribute's intention since all have the same penalty. This would cause a much longer route with several right turns around an area to come back to the destination or have it so that each turn is equally penalized, which is the same as no turns being penalized.

Some regions or states may even have typical times for difficult turns to be added during rush hour, that may be similar a locality's no turn restrictions.

Adding/editing a difficult turn

Difficult turns are recognizable by the lined shading on either allowable turn restrictions (green TRs) or time based turn restrictions (yellow TRs).

DT striping TRs.PNG

To add a difficult turn restriction:

Difficult turn pop1.PNG
  • Hover over any green or yellow turn restriction for the first turn interface pop up (gray box) to appear
  • Select the DIFFICULT TURN's Yes attribute
  • If it is not desired to have a 24/7 penalty applied for the difficult turn, then click the white clock icon to the right of Yes
  • The second turn interface pop up (Edit restriction) will appear
    Difficult turn pop3.PNG
  • Add the time, day, or date restriction similar to the TBTR instructions above
  • If there is already a restriction either
    1. Click the Add new radio button to add another restriction
    2. Click the > at the right of the existing restriction line to modify the current restriction
    3. Click the trashcan to delete the current restriction (just to the left of the > when you hover over the area)
Difficult turn pop4.PNG

After a DT has a TBTR set then the display changes to have a blue background on the clock.

DT pop TBTR set3.PNG

For the Junction box wazeopedia page the

Effects in the editor

add the following after "Difficult turns can be set on the junction box's turn restrictions and do affect routing in the server if the user has the appropriate setting selected."

Any green or yellow turn restriction on a junction box can have the difficult turn attribute added for either 24/7 coverage or with time/day/date restrictions. Please refer to the Difficult turn section for editing directions.

Also would like to add to the JB section on the regular turn interface box.

Turn restriction user interface orientation

The turn restriction user interface's grey box will move based upon the distance between the junction box and the edge of the WME editing area. If too close too the edge, then the grey box will cover up parts of the JB. To remedy this, move the WME view so that the junction box has enough room to properly display the grey box or zoom out.

One way to consider it is that the outside of the WME editing screen is a picture frame and the JB is the picture; you just need enough matting space for the Turn Interface Grey Box to fit between the picture and the frame. Otherwise the grey box will cover the picture. Hope this helps.

JB grey box covering.PNG
JB grey box not covering.PNG