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This is to layout how to map a Pedestrianized Zone. The area of example is from Ithaca, NY where the city converted a street into a pedestrian walking/shopping area. E State street has addresses in this zone that need to be routed to. In order to do this we need to:

  • set the segments in this zone to Walking Trail (WT) type
  • connect each WT segment directly to the drivable segments of the public road network.
  • Once finished have the WTs locked to at least 4, or whatever the local standard in your area is for WTs, or special use configurations.

Expected Results:

  • For a WT that is connected at both ends to the drivable network, Waze will route you to the end of the WT closest to the destination.
  • For a WT that is connected at only one end to the drivable network, Waze should route you to the connected end of the WT. NOTE: As of November 2015 a bug was discovered affecting destinations which are closest to an unconnected end of a WT, the developers were made aware and were working on a fix. This fix has not yet been confirmed.
  • For a WT which is not connected at either end to the driveable public road network, results are unpredictable. This situation should be avoided. This may include WTs which only connect to the driveable road network via other WTs.