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Alternate names are now used by waze, and will be used more in the future. Do not use alternate names for notes about segments or places. As of 2014-November Use a UR for any notes you might have. Begin the Note text with [NOTE]


  • The order of preference for Best Continuation is;
  1. Primary name + Type match
  2. Alt name + Type match
  3. Primary name match, OR Primary name <=> Alt name Cross-match
  4. Alt name match
  5. Type match
  • City names have no affect on matches.

A Cross-match is when the primary name of one segment is identical to the alternate name of an adjacent segment. It had the same priory as a Primary name match.

  • In order for a Cross match to work there must be at least one alt name on both involved segments (even though they don't necessarily match each other).
  • It will work even if the are no Primary names on those segments.
  • It will not work if all three segments at a split have a matching Primary name or a matching Alternate name.

An Alt match is when two adjacent segments have an identical alternate name (regardless of city name).

  • It will not work if all three segments at a split have a matching Primary name.
  • It will work even the OUT segment (the one leaving the split) has no Primary name.
Flowchart defining the steps the algorithm runs through.
Address Searches
If the primary name is Concord pike, and the alt name is SR-202, can we find an address by searching on SR-202?
Route Shields

If the alt name is SR-202, will a shield be generated?


If the name is "New Castle County Airport (ILG)" and the alternate names are "Wilmington Airport" and "Wilmington-Philadelphia Regional Airport", will searching on any of these alternate names match the place -- or will we continue to get the Google place?
Using the app, if someone takes a photo and then searches for a nearby place, will the alternate name come up as an option for a place to add the photo?