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Highway Numbering

Vermont currently observes the following Standardized Name nomenclature for Numbered Routes:

Road Type Standardized Name
Freeway I-###
US Highway US-###
State Highway VT-###
Town Highway TH-###

State Highway numbering includes alternate state roads (e.g. VT-67A).

State Highway Signage

Most state highways are maintained by VTrans. However, some state highways in the centers of municipalities are maintained by local governments (class 1 town highways). VTrans maps indicate where state and local maintenance begin and end and signage may differ on municipally maintained segments. Map editors should treat both types the same.

VT9.png Vermont State Route signage (VTrans maintained)
VT8A town.png Vermont State Route signage (locally maintained)

Road Elevations

These are the general guidelines for elevation in Vermont.

  • All segments by default should have an elevation of ground including railroad segments
  • Only segments that cannot see the sky should have negative elevation (i.e., tunnels)
  • Only set elevation as high as necessary
  • Elevation of overlapping segments should be set relative to each other, with the lowest segment as ground (unless a tunnel)
  • More complicated junctions may need other considerations - please reach out to a state manager for assistance
  • If you use the Bridge tool to join segments, be aware that it raises the elevation of the joined segment: lower the joined segment as appropriate

Locking roads

Vermont has adopted the New England Road Type Locking Standard.