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  • Alleys should always be mapped if they have a name.
  • Alleys should always be mapped if they are the sole access to a home or business.
  • Alleys should always be set to "Parking Lot Road"
  • Some alleys mapped before these guidelines are mapped as "Private Road". It is okay to change these to "Parking Lot Road".
  • Alleys are normally mapped if they are acknowledged by the municipality.

If an alley does not meet the above criteria, mapping is optional. Leave the name field blank. Always disable the straight turn restriction from one alley to another when it crosses another road to prevent alleys from being overly used in routing.


See the Driveways article for more details.

  • Driveways are always marked as private road
  • Driveways are mapped if they are 50m (164 feet or about half a football field) or longer Example
  • Driveways are mapped if they are close but not connected to adjacent street Example
  • Driveways are mapped if they are serving two or more addresses Example
  • Driveways that have names can be added. These still need to be set to private road.Example


When mapping roundabouts in Washington state, it is important to know the difference between roundabouts and traffic circles. Traffic circles are small circles to help slow traffic at intersections.

Here are some examples of traffic circlesː [1][2][3]

Here are some examples of roundaboutsː [4][5][6]

In Washington, we usually only map roundabouts. We don't map traffic circles unless:

  • Specific directions are needed to navigate the traffic circle (i.e. more instructions than just turn right or turn left)
  • If the traffic circle is on a Primary Street with high traffic or higher road type(contact a SM for traffic circles on primary streets)
  • The traffic circle is larger than 12m.

Dead end segments

Dead ends should all have nodes on the dead end side of the segment. It was possible in older versions of WME to add a road with a dead end and no node. As of July 2014, U-turns at dead ends or cul-de-sacs, no longer need to be adjusted in a particular way. WME no longer provides a link to adjust it. Please make sure U-Turns on the end of cul-de-sac with private driveways are Not Allowed. Example

Non-drivable roads

See Non-driveable roads for guidance that may not be universal to all other states and territories.

Parking lot roads

Washington State uses the following standard guidelines found in the Wiki. Parking lot road Please follow them.

Forest service roads

Forest Service Roads should be built according to Forest Service Roads.

Based on the conditions and climate of Washington, Usually the main FSR is marked Primary Street. (Example: FS-2800) Usually the Spurs of the Main FSR is Street. (Example: FS-2875) Usually the Spurs of the Spurs are Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail (Example: FS-2875050, FS-2875053)

See To Do Washington for Washington FSR mapping updates.