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Rest Areas

The mapping of all Rest Areas in Washington State

Please see: Rest Area Wiki

The info. in the table copied from: WSDOT - Safety Rest Area

Traffic Cameras

The mapping of red light, fake, and speed cameras in all cities across Washington

Below is a list of all the cities that have traffic cameras. Also the editor that wants to take charge of mapping traffic cameras in that city and the status of % completed. Please use this reference: https://www.waze.com/wiki/Traffic_camera

Marking as 100% complete means that all cameras in that city are mapped. Marking as 100% complete also means that all fake cameras are marked as fake.

If there are cities that are missing please edit or send a PM to Dude463nidnarb helifino206. Also send one of us a PM if there is anything else you would like added.

This useful link helps understand the laws related to cameras

Cities Editor(s) Status Comments
Auburn 100% Nov 2014, Auburn city council voted to not continue contract for red light cameras.

All known Red light cameras have been removed from waze and no new one should be approved. -nhanway

Bellevue 100% Speed/School zone:

Red Light:

  • Main St and 148th Ave NE (SB✓) Permalink
  • Bel-Red Rd and 148th Ave NE (NB✓ and SB✓) Permalink

Reference: City of Bellevue - Traffic and Photo Enforcement

Bremerton 95% Speed/School zones:

Red Light:

  • 11th St (WB✓) at Warren Ave (NB✓) Permalink
  • Warren Avenue (NB✓ and SB✓) at 16th street Permalink
  • Wheaton Way (NB✓) at Sylvan Way (WB✓) Permalink
  • Callow Avenue (NB✓) at 11th Street Permalink
  • Kitsap Way (EB✓) at Marine Dr (SB)Permalink

Read more: http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2008/feb/03/cbr---red-light-cameras-red-light-cameras-to-get/#ixzz2wKt7VITZ Follow us: @KitsapSun on Twitter | KitsapNews on Facebook

Burien 100% Note from nhanway 3/18/14: Burien Red light cameras where taken down and discontinued as of May 1, 2012 If cameras are still on the side of the road they are to be marked Fake.

Reference: http://b-townblog.com/2012/02/13/breaking-burien-city-council-terminates-red-light-camera-program/

Des Moines 75% 4 Cameras:

Speed/School zones:

Reference: City of Des Moines Speed Camera Q&A- PDF

Everett NA unsure of camera locations
Federal Way GEO_ATM


100% http://www.ci.federal-way.wa.us/index.aspx?NID=624

13 Cameras:

Speed/School zones:

  • SW 320th St (EB✓ and WB✓) at 43rd Pl S Permalink
  • 21st Ave SW (NB✓ and SB✓) at SW 338th St and SW 339th St Permalink
  • 1st Ave S (NB✓ and SB✓) North of S 346th Ln Permalink

Red light:

  • 312th St and Pacific Highway (SB✓) Permalink
  • 320th St and Pacific Highway (All WAYS✓✓✓✓) Permalink
  • S 348th St and Enchanted Pkwy S (EB✓ and SB✓) Permalink
Fife dude463 100% Speed/red light cameras: (list near the end of Safety Camera Program FAQ)
  • Alexander Avenue SB✓ and Pacific Highway EB✓ Permalink
  • 54th Avenue SB✓ and 20th Street Permalink
  • Valley Ave (EB✓ & WB✓) & 70th Ave Permalink
  • 54th Ave NB✓ & Pacific Highway WB✓ Permalink
  • 20th St E EB✓ & 70th Ave E NB✓ Permalink
  • Valley Ave E (EB✓ & WB✓) near 28th St E Permalink
  • 20th St E (EB✓ & WB✓) at Fife High School Permalink
Issaquah 100% Speed/school zones:
Kent 0%

Speed/School zone:

  • Neely-O'Brien Elementary School 
  • Sunrise Elementary School 
Lacey NA

Not clear how many Cameras there are

Red Light:
  • Pacific Ave SE(EB✓ and WB✓) at Sleater Kinney Rd SE Permalink
Lake Forest Park nhanway



Not clear how many Cameras there are

Speed/school zone:

Red Light:

  • Bothell Way NE (NB✓ and SB✓) at NE 165th St Permalink
  • Bothell Way NE (EB✓ and WB✓) at NE 170th St Permalink


City of LFP Photo Enforcement

Lakewood GEO_ATM 100% Eight cameras:

Speed/school zones:

  • Steilacoom Blvd (WB ✓) between Gravelly Lk Dr and Lakewood Dr
  • Gravelly Lk Dr (SB ✓) between 99th St and 100th St

Red light:

  • Steilacoom Blvd (EB ✓/WB ✓) at Phillips Rd
  • Bridgeport Way (NB ✓/SB ✓) at San Francisco Ave
  • South Tacoma Way (NB ✓/SB✓) at SR-512

(source: response to informal request to Lakewood Public Works)

Longview 0%

Cameras no longer active as of Jan 1st 2017



Lynnwood 100% There are 12 red light cameras and 4 school zone cameras

Red Light:

  • 196th St SW (EB✓ and WB✓) and SR-99 Permalink
  • 200th St SW/Alderwood Mall Blvd (EB✓ and WB✓) and 44th Ave W Permalink
  • 196th St SW (EB✓ and WB✓) and 44th Ave W Permalink
  • 196th St SW (WB✓) and 36th Ave W Permalink
  • Alderwood Mall Pkwy (SB✓) and 196th St SW (WB✓) Permalink
  • 184th St SW (EB✓) and Alderwood Mall Parkway Permalink
  • Maple Rd (WB✓) and Alderwood Mall Parkway Permalink
  • 200th St SW (WB✓) and Hwy 99 Permalink

Speed/ School Zone:

  • 168th St SW (EB✓ and WB✓) and 58th Pl W Permalink
  • 44th Ave W (NB✓ and SB✓) at 186th St. SW Permalink


Monroe 100% Note from nhanway on July 16, 2014: Cameras no longer active as of Jan 1, 2014, city officials elected not to renew contract with Redflex Traffic Systems. Signs and Cameras have been taken down. There should be no cameras in Monroe.
Moses Lake 100% ‘’Red light:
  • Valley Rd and Stratford Rd (NB✓ and SB✓) Permalink
  • Broadway Ave (EB✓) and Alder St/Stratford Rd Permalink

‘’Speed/ school zone:

  • S Pioneer Way (SB✓ and NB✓) and Hunter PL Permalink
Mountlake Terrace NA

Not clear how many Cameras there are

Puyallup 100% ‘’Red Light:
  • River Rd (WB✓ and EB✓) and North Meridian Permalink
  • River Rd (EB✓ and WB✓) and 4th St NW Permalink
  • N Meridian(SB✓) and Valley Ave Permalink
  • 39th Ave SW (EB✓ and WB✓) and 9th St SW (NB✓ and SB✓) Permalink
  • 9th St SW (NB✓) and SR-512/ S Hill Park Dr Permalink
  • S Meridian (NB✓ and SB✓) and 31st Ave SE (WB✓) Permalink

Renton nhanway 80% http://www.rentonwa.gov/government/default.aspx?id=16200

6 Red Light Cameras:

  • S/SW Grady Way (WB✓ SB✓ EB✓) at Rainer Ave S Permalink
  • NE 3rd St (WB✓) at Sunset Blvd N Permalink
  • Sunset Blvd N (SB✓) at Maple Vally Hwy “SR-169” Permalink
  • E Valley Rd (SB✓) at S 43rd St Permalink

3 School Speed Zone Cameras:

  • S 2nd St (WB✓) at Whitworth Ave S “Renton High School” Permalink
  • Edmonds Ave NE (NB) at south of NE 16th St Permalink
  • Talbot Rd S (NB✓ and SB✓) at Talbot Crest Dr S Permalink

Note from nhanway on 1/7/14: A UR informed me that there might be some legal issues with the Speed Cameras in Renton and they are not currently handing out tickets. Should still be mapped. It does no harm to warn drivers of a camera even if the camera is not working.

Note from helifino206 on 2/1/16: Speed cameras at Renton High School were removed in Renton prior to 2015-06 (no longer visible in SV). Updated page at City of Renton website (https://rentonwa.gov/government/default.aspx?id=16204) shows all school speed cameras removed.

SeaTac 100%

Red Light

  • International Blvd (SB✓) and S 188th Permalink
  • Military Road S (SB✓) and S 188th Permalink
  • International Blvd (NB✓) and S 200th Permalink
Seattle nhanway

dude463 helifino206

100% http://www.seattle.gov/police/programs/redlight.htm


Speed Cameras

  • Greenwood Ave N (NB✓ and SB✓) at Thomson Elementary School Permalink
  • 1st Ave NE (NB and SB) at Northgate Elementary School Permalink
  • 5th Ave NE (NB✓ and SB✓) at Olympic View Elementary School Permalink
  • NE 75th St (EB✓ and WB✓) at Eckstein Middle School Permalink
  • 24th Ave E (NB and SB) at Montlake Elementary School Permalink
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Way S (NB✓ and SB✓) at Thurgood marshall Elementary School Permalink
  • Fauntleroy Way SW (NB✓ and SB✓) at Gatewood Elementary School Permalink

Reference: SDOT Safe Routes to School

Red Light Cameras North Seattle

  • NE 45th St (EB✓) at Roosevelt Way NE Permalink
  • NW Market St (EB✓ and WB✓) at 15th Ave NW Permalink
  • 15th Ave NW (SB✓) at NW 80th St Permalink
  • Stone Way N (SB✓) at N 40th St Permalink
  • Aurora Ave N (NB✓) at NW 85th St Permalink
  • NE 80th St (EB✓) at 5th Ave NE Permalink

Central Seattle

South Seattle

  • Rainier Ave S (NB✓ and SB✓) at S Orcas St Permalink
  • S Cloverdale St (EB✓) at 14th Ave S (NB✓) Permalink
  • SW Avalon Way (WB✓) at 35th Ave SW Permalink
  • 35th Ave SW (SB✓) at SW Thistle St Permalink
  • Rainier Ave S (NB✓) at S Massachusetts St Permalink
  • S McClellan St (WB✓) at Martin Luther King Jr. Way S (NB✓ and SB✓) Permalink
Spokane nhanway 100%

Red Light:

Tacoma GEO_ATM 100% Tacoma PD, via GovMe, says that the authoritative list is as follows. Directions are from Street View. I see 16 cameras, total:

Red light:

  • N. 26th and Proctor (I think they mean Pearl SB✓) Permalink
  • E. 38th and McKinley (EB✓) Permalink
  • S. 56th and Oakes (EB✓) Permalink
  • S. 56th and S. Tacoma Way (WB✓) Permalink
  • S. 72nd and Pacific (NB✓ SB✓) Permalink
  • S. 84th and Hosmer (NB✓) Permalink
  • S. 74th and S. Tacoma Way (EB✓, SB✓) Pemalink

Fixed Speed:

  • 200 SR 167 (Bay Street Curve, SB✓, NB✓) Permalink

School Zone speed:

Wenatchee 100% Mission St (NB✓) at Kittitas Street Permalink

Chelan Ave (SB✓) at Orondo Street Permalink

Chelan Ave (SB✓) at 5th Street Permalink

Forest Service Road Mapping / Forest Area Updates

This section is still under construction. This section will have tables similar to the cameras section above, but for the mapping of FSR's.

Olympic National Forest

Forest/Park area mapped and locked to 5

Hood Canal Ranger District

Pacific Ranger District

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Forest/Park area mapped and locked to 5

Mt. Baker Ranger District

Darrington Ranger District

Skykomish Ranger District

Snoqualmie Ranger District

Evans Creek

Colville National Forest

Forest/Park area mapped and locked to 5

Three Rivers Ranger District

Republic Ranger District

Newport Ranger District

Sullivan Lake Ranger District

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Forest/Park area mapped and locked to 5

Cowlitz Valley Ranger District

Mt. Adams Ranger District

Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument

Forest/Park area mapped and locked to 5

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

Forest/Park area mapped and locked to 5

Chelan Ranger District

Cle Elum Ranger District

Entiat Ranger District

Methow Valley Ranger District

Naches Ranger District

Tonasket Ranger District

Wenatchee River Ranger District

This section is still under construction