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What is an Area Manager?

An Area Manager is a Waze community member (a user) who wishes to take an active and proactive role in maintaining specific areas of the Waze map. How deeply involved and how much time an Area Manager spends maintaining the Waze map varies greatly. Duties of an Area Manager include, but not necessarily limited to

  • Make changes to the map when road construction projects complete and road geometry needs to be changed, or roads added or removed from the map
  • Edit road construction areas, especially for closures so that users are not routed into those areas.
  • Process Pending Deletions from other map editors who do not have deletion rights
  • Respond to and act on Update Requests from Waze drivers
  • Maintain speed and red-light cameras, processing reports of devices from Waze drivers
  • Process and resolve Map Errors or Problems as shown on that layer in the Map Editor
  • Act as a mentor to other editors, offering advice in both the forums and when you see improper edits on the map

How to Become an Area Manager

To become an Area Manager, use Cartouche and position the map and set the zoom level to show the area you want to manage. Click on Super Permalink and then copy the address from the address bar in your browser. Email that link to with your Waze username and your email address and the message subject: Area Manager application request.

There can be more than one Area Manager in the same area. Areas can overlap, or be smaller or larger. And you can be the Area Manager for more than one area.

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