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There are four possible TTS instructions before a movement. Depending upon speed, distances, and timing, anywhere from one to four of these instructions may be heard.


We will call the different instructions A, B, C, and D based on the order they would appear. However, some instructions may not occur based on a number of conditions. The following is the order of the most common occurrence:

  • D
  • A, D
  • A, C, D
  • A, B, C, D

Instruction A

Instruction A is given a few seconds after the previous movement (or, if the previous movement is onto a ramp, a few seconds after exiting the ramp(s) onto which the previous instruction brought you), unless you are so close to the next movement that there is not enough time to give both instruction A and D (in which case only instruction D is given).

Format depends on distance to next movement.

  • If distance to next movement > 4.35 mi (7.0 km), "Continue for (x hours and) y minutes to [street name]"
  • If distance to next movement < 4.35 mi (7.0 km), "In [distance], [instruction] [on/to] [street name]"
Distance to next movement Example
> 4.35 mi (7.0 km) Continue straight for 15 minutes to Rue Royale
Continue straight for 2 hours and 15 minutes to Exit 123: I-45 N / Bakerstown
< 4.35 mi (7.0 km) In 700 feet, turn left on Brightview Blvd
In 2.1 miles, exit to Exit 98: SR-76 / Chilltown

Instruction B

Instruction B is given at the point where the movement is expected to be 5 minutes away, but only if it's been 15-20 minutes since instruction A.

Format: "In [x] miles, [instruction] [on/to] [street name]"

In 3.4 miles, turn left on Brightview Blvd
In 6 miles, exit right to Exit 98: SR-76 / Chilltown

Note: while the timing of the instruction is time-based, the instruction is given in distance.

Instruction C

Instruction C is given at a certain distance from the movement depending on your speed, unless the prior instruction was given too close to the timing of instruction C. The street name may or may not be included, depending on how long it has been since Instruction A (a couple minutes).

Format: "In [distance], [instruction] ([on/to] [street name])"

speed range distance example
0 – 43.5 mph (0 – 70 km/h) 1000 ft In a thousand feet, turn right
43.5 – 55.9 mph (70 – 90 km/h) 0.5 mi In half a mile, exit left
55.9 – 93.2 mph (90 – 150 km/h) 1 mi In one mile, stay to the right to I-75 N
93.2+ mph (150+ km/h) 2 mi In two miles, exit right

Instruction D

Instruction D is given every time, just before the movement (unless you make the turn before Waze has a chance to call it out).

Format: "[instruction] [on/to] [street name]"

Turn right on Main St
Exit left to Exit 234B: Poydras St / Superdome


  • Instruction D is (virtually) always given.
  • Instruction A is given only if there will be instruction D and there is enough time for both.
  • Instruction C is given only if there was instruction A and there has been enough time since instruction A.
  • Instruction B is given only if there will be instruction C (and therefore there was instruction A) and there has been enough time since instruction A.


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