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==Confirmed working==
;Curve 8520
:May not support voice prompts. Requires an external GPS
;Curve 8900
;Torch 9800
:Currently mostly relies on the keyboard. Little touch support
;95xx touch model, Storm, Storm 2
:Not currently supported but partially works in compatible mode. If you can't log in to Waze, Choose options - applications and then enable compatibility mode for the Waze app. This enables touch on the screen (as a mouse), but disables the physical keyboard. You may need to type your user name and password into a memo, and then copy and paste them into Waze in order to log in the first time. Waze remembers your login details, so this is only necessary once.
==Limited functionality==
If your OS version is less than 5 (eg Curve 8900) some features will be unavailable, eg [[Waze Groups]] and connecting to [[Facebook]]
==Not working==
*Curve 9300
==Not supported==
*Pearl models

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