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Update Request Resolution Policy

Connecticut follows the USA standard for Update Requests (URs) outlined HERE. Following are expanded guidelines for managing the lifecycle of a UR in Connecticut.

Update Request Lifecycle

Connecticut has adopted a 1/4/7 day schedule when responding to Update Requests.


Our goal is to respond to new URs within 24 hours. If the solution is obvious, fix the issue, leave a comment, and close out the report as "Solved". Otherwise, if there's ANY ambiguity to the problem, leave a comment asking for further clarification. This starts the UR response clock as Day 1.


If the reporter hasn't responded within 4 days of the initial comment, leave a reminder comment that additional information is required to resolve the report and it will be closed soon if there is no response. If the reporter replies with the required information, the issue is resolved and the report is closed as appropriate. If further clarification is still required, the response clock starts over at Day 1 as the editor awaits new information.


If the reporter does not responded after 7 days from the initial editor comment, leave a comment letting the reporter know the UR is being closed, and save the report as "Not identified". If you find a UR which is older than 7 days which has not been touched by another editor but requires additional information to resolve, apologize for the late response and ask if the reporter still remembers the problem and can clarify. This starts the UR response clock as Day 1.

Update Request Ownership

  • All editors are considered to have equal ownership and responsibility for all URs in the State of Connecticut.
  • All editors are encouraged to attempt to resolve URs at any point during their lifecycle, provided the response time guidance is followed, even if other editors happen to be actively working the report.
  • If an editor has asked for clarification and received a response from the reporter, as a courtesy, please give the initial editor a few days to work on a resolution before taking over the UR.

Things to remember

  • The main objective is to resolve legitimate map issues, not just to close URs. Take the time to understand the issue and ensure the reporter has the allotted time to respond.
  • Even though you may be a volunteer editor, you still represent Waze; be professional and objective with your responses.
  • Keep responses short; some folks might be responding in the Waze app and reading long responses can be a pain!
  • You should always leave a comment on a UR, even if you're just closing out old reports.
  • Plugins such as URO+, UR Comments, and UR-MP Tracking can make responding to URs much easier. Check them out!
  • Be sure to review the Wiki documentation on Handling Update Requests, especially the section about Response Etiquette.